Meet Some of the Team!

Ruth Lyman
Team Manager

I’m a mom of two teenage girls, a chihuahua-mix boy, and a calico girl cat! Being outdoors every day(yes, even in inclement weather) and hanging out with furry friends is just the best job there is.

Venmo: @Ruth-Lyman

Emily Pitcairn

I am a lifelong animal and nature lover! I grew up riding horses and socializing cattle at Appleton Farms and have been a pet parent to animals ranging from lizards to chinchillas, to cats and dogs! I also work at SRH Veterinary Services and currently am an online student at SNHU as well as pursuing music with my band.

venmo: @emilypitcairn

Jillian Pelletier

I’ve grown up with animals my entire life and am planning on becoming a veterinarian when I graduate from college, so this is an amazing opportunity to do what I love! My favorite days are when I get to be surrounded by animals!

Venmo: @jillianpell

Olivia Pelletier

Hi! I’m Liv or Olivia, and my whole life I’ve grown up with a dog (or dogs) in the house and have always been around them. I am a student at Salem State University and studying Education and Psychology to become a school counselor! I love walking and hiking, and being in nature in general (especially with an extra furry friend by my side!).

Venmo: livpelletier22

Sherri B

Hi! My name is Sherri and I live in Danvers. I work at MGH. I have always had pets, including dogs, cats and fish!

I can not imagine coming home and not being greeted with kisses and unconditional love. I am looking forward to meeting your pets and shower them with love and attention and plenty of exercise.

Magella (Maggie) Cantara

Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m originally from North Carolina, where I grew up on a three acre farm. My parents run a boarding and training facility in High Point, which is where I gained all of my caretaking and training experience with dogs (and some cats). I moved up to New England for college and graduated from Salem State University majoring in journalism. I’m a Reporter full-time for Ipswich Local News, and an Equestrian part-time. I love being there for our furry friends just as much as they love being there for us!

Venmo: @mags-cantara

Andi Jompole

Hi, My name is Andi. I’m the person who has to stop and say hello to every dog I come across wherever I am. As an animal lover, being around dogs and cats makes me happiest, especially when they love to cuddle. Until recently, I had the absolute joy and honor to have raised, loved, and cared for my delightful Havapoo Moxie (17+ y.o.) and his pretty feline sister Precious (21 y.o.). Incorporating my background, experience and skills as a designer, I am currently working on several passion projects.


Emma Rand

Hi my name is Emma or Em! I am a college student attending Bridgewater State University who has always loved animals. I got my first dog this summer and have owned a cat for a few years now. This job genuinely changes my mood to the happiest! Taking care of these fur babies makes my day! I am currently studying exercise physiology and have always had a love for

health and fitness.

Venmo: @EGR-2000