Hound & Country Pet Care - Providing Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and Pet Care Services to Beverly MA, Hamilton MA, Wenham MA, Danvers MA, Salem, MA, Ipswich MA, Topsfield MA, Manchester-by-the-Sea MA and Essex MA. Established 2012

It's all about you and your pet.

We do for your pets what you do for your pets. Each visit is custom fit to your four footed family member.

Individual walks and personal attention are our default. All listed walk times are "paws on the ground time" - snuggles from our awesome local team are always included! Or feel like friends and adventure? We can do that! Small groups and off leash experiences are tailored to the needs and personality of your pet. Sing to your pet while they eat? We can do that too!

Online flexible scheduling, no minimum commitment and daily personal communication come with every service, plus a side of tummy rubs.