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Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Credit Spreads

(with Mahsa Kaviani, Lawrence Kryzanowski, Pavel Savor)

Do Country-level Creditor Protections Affect Firm-level Debt Structure?

(with Kose John, Mahsa Kaviani and Lawrence Kryzanowski)

  • Review of Finance, 2021, 25.6 (2021): 1677-1725.

Working Papers:

Reaching for Influence: Do Banks Use Loans to Establish Political Connections?

(with Pavel Savor, Mahsa Kaviani)

  • Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Financial Economics

  • Media Coverage: Stigler Center ProMarket

  • Workshop on Banking Institutions, Bank of Finland 2022 (scheduled) | ASSA 2023 (scheduled)

Bank Entry Barriers and Firms' Risk Taking

(With Sudipta Basu, Mahsa Kaviani)

  • Revise and Resubmit, The Accounting Review

  • British Accounting and Finance Association (2021) | FMA (2019), EFA (2018), and NFA (2018)

When do Judges Throw the Book at Companies? The Influence of Partisanship in Corporate Prosecutions

Previously distributed as: "Are Judges Like Umpires? Political Affiliation and Corporate Prosecutions"

(with Todd Gormley, Mahsa Kaviani)

  • NBER- Corporate Finance 2020 | NBER- Law and Economics 2020 | FSU SunTrust Conference**, 2020 | AFA 2021 | SFS Cavalcade 2022

  • Media Coverage: Duke Law School, LexisNexis Law360

Media, Partisan Ideology, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Previously distributed as: "Conservative TV and Corporate Social Responsibility"

(with Mahsa Kaviani, Lily Li)

  • Political Economy of Finance Conference, Chicago Booth 2020 | MARC Conference, Villanova 2020** | WAPFIN Conference, NYU Stern 2020 | Midwest Finance Assoc. 2021 | American Finance Association 2022 | Development Bank of Japan Conference on CSR, the Economy and Financial Markets 2022

  • Media Coverage: National Affairs, Boston Globe, CorpGov

Weathering Distress: Corporate Bankruptcy and Bank Competition

(with Jess Cornaggia, Mahsa Kaviani)

  • AFA 2018 | EFA 2018

Political Ideology and Corporate Innovation: Evidence from the Expansion of a Local TV Network

(with Yuqi Gu, Mahsa Kaviani, Lily Li, and Connie Mao)

FMA 2021 | Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2022

Media Coverage: National Affairs

Episodic Stability in Capital Structure: The Role of Access to Credit

(with Jess Cornaggia, Mahsa Kaviani, Lawrence Kryzanowski)

  • Best paper award in Corporate Finance, FMA 2015, semi-finalist

Works in Progress:

Personal Bankruptcy and the Spirit of Limited Liability

with Sabrina Howell, Mahsa Kaviani

Corporate Goodness

with Cayman Seagraves

Select Op-Eds, Books, Media:

The Boston Globe [Link]

Harvard Bankruptcy Law Roundtable, Coverage [Link]

University of Chicago's Stigler Center (ProMarket) [Link]

Project Syndicate, Commentary [Link]

Duke Law School [Link]

LexisNexis Law360 [Link]

Legal Theory Blog [Link]

CNBC World, Interview [Link]

Options: Concepts and Applications, Book (with M. Doaei), Ahang Ghalam Pub. 2010

** Conferences that got cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.