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Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Credit Spreads

(with Mahsa Kaviani, Lawrence  Kryzanowski, Pavel Savor) 

Do Country-level Creditor Protections Affect Firm-level Debt Structure?

(with Kose John, Mahsa Kaviani and Lawrence Kryzanowski) 

Working Papers:

Reaching for Influence: Do Banks Use Loans to Establish Political Connections? 

(with Pavel Savor, Mahsa Kaviani) 

When do Judges Throw the Book at Companies? The Influence of Partisanship in Corporate Prosecutions

Previously distributed as: "Are Judges Like Umpires? Political Affiliation and Corporate Prosecutions"

(with Todd Gormley, Mahsa Kaviani) 

Bank Entry Barriers and Firms' Risk Taking

(With Sudipta Basu, Mahsa Kaviani)

Media, Partisan Ideology, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Previously distributed as: "Conservative TV and Corporate Social Responsibility"

(with Mahsa Kaviani, Lily Li) 

Political Ideology, Inventor Mobility, and Corporate Innovation 

(Previously distributed as: Political Ideology and Corporate Innovation, Evidence from the Expansion of a Local TV Network

(with Yuqi Gu, Mahsa Kaviani, Lily Li, and Connie Mao)

FMA | Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 

Media Coverage: National Affairs

Weathering Distress: Corporate Bankruptcy and Bank Competition

(with Jess Cornaggia, Mahsa Kaviani) 

Episodic Stability in Capital Structure: The Role of Access to Credit 

(with Jess Cornaggia, Mahsa Kaviani, Lawrence Kryzanowski) 

Now You See Me: Broadband Internet and Corporate Goodness 

(with Cayman Seagraves)

[Draft Coming Soon]

Works in Progress:

Personal Bankruptcy and the Spirit of Limited Liability

with Sabrina Howell, Mahsa Kaviani, Ben Iverson, Ammon Lam

Judges and Corporate Misconduct

with April Knill, Fred Kindelsperger

Legitimizing Compensations

With Todd Gormley

Loud, Flat, Crowded: On Firms’ Information Environment

Select Op-Eds, Books, Media:

The Boston Globe [Link]

Harvard Bankruptcy Law Roundtable, Coverage [Link]

University of Chicago's Stigler Center (ProMarket) [Link]

Project Syndicate, Commentary [Link]

Duke Law School [Link]

LexisNexis Law360 [Link]

Legal Theory Blog [Link]

CNBC World, Interview [Link]

Options: Concepts and Applications, Book (with M. Doaei), Ahang Ghalam Pub. 2010

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