Hopedale SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)

Hopedale SEPAC is a parent organization dedicated to providing parent education, training, and support through our seminars, various activities, and monthly meetings throughout the year.

Our mission is:

• To educate the surrounding community on the diversities in our ever-changing world.

• To teach our children to appreciate each other regardless of our differences.

• To share experiences and collectively communicate with other parents and the administration in order to better serve our children.

We meet monthly with Pupil Personnel Services and parents to share information, discuss pertinent issues, and raise awareness and acceptance of children with special needs in our school district. We represent Hopedale families with children from pre-school age through age 22. We are a member of the Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (MassPAC).

SEPAC Advocates for Special Needs Students by:

    • Providing networking opportunities for parents
    • Collaborating with the administration
    • Presenting special needs related seminars and speakers
    • Fundraising to support students, teachers, and staff through our non-profit organization “Friends of Hopedale SEPAC”.

All parents/guardians are welcome at our monthly meetings and speaker series. Your participation is a great opportunity to meet school officials and other parents, stay informed on policy and legislative changes, and learn something new.

Visit our website on the Hopedale School District page or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HopedaleSEPAC.

For more information on Hopedale SEPAC and our programs, contact hopedaleSEPAC@gmail.com

Chairperson: Elizabeth Callahan (randecallahan@comcast.net)

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