To obtain membership of HPSC you must also be a member of the Civil Service Sailing Association (CSSA) This is free but you first must be a member of the Civil Service Sports Club (CSSC) obtaining one share. (Please use the links to join.)

Eligibility to join:


Full membership of the Civil Service Sailing Association (CSSA) is open to anyone eligible for membership of the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC). Most public service employees are now eligible to join including Civil Servants, British Telecom, Post Office, Teachers, NHS Staff, Police, Fire-fighters, Local Government workers and many others. You can also join if you receive a pension from these organisations. Membership can also be obtained through:


A full member can nominate 3 adult members of his/her family or friends to become CSSC members.


Serving members of HM Armed Forces can join CSSC and can retain their membership after leaving the forces. You can also join if you are in receipt of an Armed Forces pension.

Note also that you can retain your membership of the CSSC if you leave the occupation you joined with, provided that you maintain your subscriptions.

If you are in doubt about your eligibility then please contact CSSC Membership Secretary, Ken Pavitt on 02392 529729, or CSSC membership dept on 01494 888418.

If you are paying for one share and can quote your CSSC membership number, simply complete and return the form for Full Membership of the CSSA and you will receive your card. Otherwise please complete and return an application for one CSSC share (now called Sports and Leisure Membership) together with the CSSA form. All of the facilities and events of the CSSA are developed, run and maintained by volunteers, so many of the amateur and professional skills of its members are very welcome.

The CSSA has several constituent Clubs and Divisions around the country for dinghy and yacht sailing, as described in separate leaflets. CSSA members are eligible to join these clubs but may have to pay an additional annual subscription to the Club or Division for use of local facilities. The CSSA operates three yachts for its members, all with a crewing bureau. When you have returned the form you are a member of CSSA and should receive a membership card and start receiving “CS Sailing” magazine, subject to confirmation of your one share by CSSC.

Like all clubs it is necessary to have a Constitution to outline the format of the club and operating rules ( which in our case are called Standing Orders) These can be found in the files attached below.

In addition notices are given out to members to cover work parties and craning activities on site as needed

HPSCConstitution February 2018.pdf