Homepage of Mikhail Gorsky

I am a postdoc at LAMFA at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens. My position is supported by the ANR CHARMS. I spent the 2020 fall semester at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn. In 2018-2020, I was a postdoc at the University of Stuttgart. Prior to that I was a visiting scientist at the Bielefeld University and an invited reseascher at IHES. In 2015-2017 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Mathematics in Bonn.


E-mail: mikhail.gorsky at iaz.uni-stuttgart.de


Since July 2021 José Simental Rodríguez and I are organizing an online seminar on cluster structures on coordinate rings of various varieties appearing in Lie theory and related to link invariants. It is organised as a part of the AIM Research Community on Link Homology.

Research interests

  • Hall algebras and categorification of quantum groups

  • Cluster algebras and cluster categories

  • Quiver representations and quiver varieties

  • Coxeter combinatorics: subword complexes, Cambrian lattices, non-crossing partitions...

  • Categorification of knot invariants


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  1. Stability associahedra, maximal green sequences and second Cambrian orders, in preparation.

  2. (with Xin Fang) Extriangulated structures and degeneration of Hall algebras, in preparation.

  3. Hall algebras of extriangulated categories, to appear.

  4. Hall algebras and localization of categories I, to appear. Preliminary version available upon request.

  5. (with Roger Casals, Eugene Gorsky, and José Simental) Positroid links and braid varieties. arXiv:2105.13948

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Algèbres de Hall et localisation des catégories, Ph. D. thesis (Abstract and Introduction are both in English and in French, the rest is in English). Université de Paris. Defended in 2019. PDF

Geometry and combinatorics of subword complexes and their dual polytopes, Ph. D. thesis (in Russian). Steklov Mathematical Institute. Defended in 2014. Available at http://www.mi.ras.ru/dis/ref14/gorskii/gorskii_dis.pdf




SS 2020: Höhere Mathematik 2, Universität Stuttgart

WS 2019 – 2020: Höhere Mathematik 3, Universität Stuttgart.

SS 2019: Algebra 2, Universität Stuttgart.

WS 2018 – 2019: Höhere Mathematik 3, Universität Stuttgart.

2014 – 2016: Responsable de Travaux Dirigés, algèbre et analyse élémentaires, L1 info at Université Paris VII.