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  • Hassle-free quotes– This is the easiest quote process you have ever experience from a home improvement company in Hilton Head or Bluffton. We come out to see you for your quote and for direct dealers, we give you a quote “on the spot.” If it is a specialty order, we will have a quote for you within days.

  • A better process– From years of experience, we designed the entire process to be stress-free.

  • Hands-on ownership– Our owners, Jason and Susan Holliday, are hands-on and take part in every aspect of the customer experience. You’ll have direct access to call them and get fast answers and solutions to any questions or concerns you may There is nothing like being able to pick up the phone and talk to directly to an owner.

  • Payments and payment plans – We make it super easy for you to get the doors or windows that you want. We take cash, credit or checks and have a hassle-free payment program, if you want or need it. We make applying for financing super easy and we have competitive terms.




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Why It's Time To Shift To Vinyl Replacement Windows

Windows are classified according to their frame materials. There are wooden, fiberglass, as well as the aluminum frames. Another frame that is widely used nowadays in the US is vinyl.

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Vinyl is the short term for a polymer called poly-vinyl chloride. It is a robust plastic-like material used for making floor coverings, furniture, and of course, windows.

There are several reasons why more people are replacing their old windows with vinyl.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are resistant to sun degradation and fading. It is also durable and energy efficient. It doesn't peel, blister, or crack. That's why it usually lasts longer compared to other window types.

You also save money for it is effortless to maintain. All you have to do is regularly clean it. More than that, vinyl is also way more affordable compared to other window types. Since it is lightweight, vinyl is also easy to install.

Best Vinyl Replacement Window in Bluffton

Now that you have are ready for your vinyl replacement windows, calling the right professional to help you will save you time, money, and energy. Looking for the Best Vinyl Replacement Window in Bluffton, SC is not hard. You have to call Holliday Home Improvements at 843-689-2140!

Holliday Home Improvement offers high quality, durable, beautiful, and energy efficient premium vinyl windows, custom built for you and your home.

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Buyer’s Guide for Best Replacement Door in SC

Updating your home’s entrance is not what you regularly do. Some people change doors just because they feel like it. Some really need to change because of damage. Whatever reason you have, weigh all options first before you decide which replacement doors is best for you.

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Home Improvements Presentation

1. Choose Your Door Type

The first thing to do is finding the perfect material for your door. A wooden door is a top choice for it provides a high-end look to your home. They are also more resistant to

wear and tear, and least likely to get dent or scratches. However, wooden doors are usually pricey and need regular painting and varnishing.

Recently, steel and fiberglass doors are also gaining popularity as options for replacement Steel door is relatively inexpensive. It needs little maintenance and also offer the same security as other door types. While typically low-maintenance, scratches and dents on your doors can be hard to fix.

A fiberglass door, on the other hand, is a more practical choice. Fiberglass door can be smooth or with an embossed texture. It can also sometimes look like real wood. They are moderately priced and requires less maintenance too. The downside of this type of door is its possibility to crack due to severe impact.

2. Choose The Right Frame and Design

A solid frame is essential for a properly functioning door. Using a solid and thicker wood frame will ensure that your replacement door is intact. To give the door more strength, also make sure that all hinges are anchored to a steel plate on the exterior of the frame.

Another thing to look into is the design. Choose a design that is stylish but also functional at the same time.

3. Choose the Rights Installer

Lastly, proper installation is the key to a successful door replacement project. Ensure quality installation for your new door through the help of professionals. For the Best Replacement Door in Bluffton, SC contact Holliday Home Improvements at 843-689-2140!

Things To Look For In A Home

Window Replacement Company

Window project is hardly ever easy. You can be caught up with so many options and trends to consider. When choosing the best home window replacement in Bluffton, SC, Holliday Home Improvements is here to help you along the way.

Holliday Home Improvements is serving clients in Hilton Head, Savannah and Low Country communities for more than 30 years now. They first started as a division of Holliday Home Services, Inc. until they made their name in the industry. For the past five years, the company has been providing the best windows and doors in South Carolina communities.

So what are the things that made them stand out? Check it here.

It’s Locally Owned

The company is a family owned business. As a local in SC, they focus on providing only the best to the communities they serve. They focus on client value and satisfaction by providing the best window materials and services. It’s a plus to have a local installer since it can help fast track your home window replacement project.

Bluffton, SC Window Replacement

In 2019, you have to make sure that your house is not only aesthetically pleasing, it must also be energy-efficient. One way to do this is by choosing the right windows for your home. But who knew that choosing windows could be quite an overwhelming and arduous task?

Good thing we’re here to help. Holliday Home Improvements is the best window supplier in Bluffton, SC. We will make sure that you get high-quality windows installed the right way.

Checklist to Consider in Choosing Your Windows

Here is a lowdown of the things that you need to consider before you purchase your new or replacement windows:

Window Styles

There are generally 4 different window styles -- single or double-hung, casement, awning, and slider windows.

Single or double-hung windows open or close by sliding up or down. Casement windows are hinged vertically and open by swinging out. Awning windows are hinged at the top and opened by tilting the window out from the bottom. Slider windows, as the name suggests, open or close by sliding from side to side.

Window Frame and Sash Materials

These days, the most common materials used for windows are wood or vinyl. You can also pick vinyl clad or aluminum frame windows.

Basically, wood is beautiful but requires considerable maintenance, as compared to vinyl, which is virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl clad windows, however, give you the best of both. You get the lovely look of wood on the inside with the maintenance free feature of vinyl coated on the outside.

Choosing Window Glass

In choosing the type of glass for your window, you need to consider if you want to use double-, triple-, or quadruple-pane glass. You must also specify the distance between the panes.

Window Quality

Quality should always be a top priority when choosing your windows. Choose a high-quality window that will provide you with great energy savings in the long run, as well as low maintenance to hold up over time.

Window Warranties

Trusted and reliable companies that have been around for a while are more likely to be able to help you should you have any issues or require replacement parts for your windows.

Bluffton, SC Window Replacement Services

A lot of people opt to do home improvement projects by themselves mainly because they think it would minimize the cost. However, while window replacement installation might look easy and simple, it is actually difficult to do.

Holliday Home Improvements provides Bluffton, SC Window Replacement Services that aims to provide great value and outstanding customer satisfaction in every job we do, regardless of the size.

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Understanding Measurements

Measuring for a replacement window is not the same as measuring for a full frame replacement. Replacement windows are often custom made to specific measurements by the manufacturer.

Different Installation Processes

The method, as well as the tools and skill set required to replace various kinds of windows, differ from one to the other. So while you may be knowledgeable about installing windows made of wood, you may not know how to replace metal windows.

Tools and Skill Set

Replacing windows is obviously an intricate process. It requires special tools that homeowners don’t have lying around the house. And while you may be able to buy these tools in a home improvement store, you still need to learn how to use them correctly to avoid damages or any untoward incidents.


Installation is not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. It is typically part of a labor warranty provided by your installing home improvement dealer. The installation of your replacement windows must be done properly, otherwise, it may lead to damages or void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Unforeseen Issues

Unforeseen issues such as the glass breaking in the middle of your installation may cause delays, or worse, accidents.

Best Window Replacement Services In Bluffton, SC

Our team at Holliday Home Improvements are replacement door and window specialists. We replace doors and windows in a timely manner at a much lower price --

without compromising the quality. This is why we offer the best window replacement services in Bluffton, SC.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Wood Exterior Windows

What’s inside the home is as important as the outside. Your home exterior is the first thing people will see. Exterior details give people a peek of what’s inside. For sure, you don’t want to make a wrong impression.

To make a difference with your exterior detail, you should work on your window choices could matter. One that will surely stand out on the outside is your window trim. Wood window trim would be a lot better too.

Why Choose Wood Exterior Window

Quality wood window molding is not merely a luxury. It is preferred by many for its functionality. Its core function is to improve the insulation of your home’s exterior. Wood windows trim also help prevent moisture from entering your home.

Your window trim also speaks your style. Having a stylish wood window exterior can enhance the curb appeal of your home. Each design can express a specific mood and emotion of its own.