Participation Cards

I got this positive reinforcement, classroom management strategy in the late 1990s from Classroom Management Consultant Donald Perras who was hired by our superintendent in Wallingford, Connecticut. Since that time, I have found a multitude of other uses for the technique. Perhaps more importantly (used as designed) students like receiving immediate points for their on-task behavior, knowledge and attention to detail. Teachers like the technique because the cards ensure that students are being called upon randomly enough to be totally equitable to all involved; every student needs to be involved in your lesson. The cards are particularly useful when the energetic, misbehaving and/or talkative get more attention than those that are compliant, self-regulated or disengaged. Furthermore, the strategy allows for quick assessment of instructions, objectives and learning. By keeping the pace brisk and upbeat, multiple objectives may be taught within a single period, and when teachers are required to keep up with pre-packaged curriculum or must meet unreasonable state test deadlines, this will afford a great deal of security and empowerment.

Don Perras: Educator / Classroom Management Consultant