1973 - 1997

In 1976, Holy Trinity took part in Northampton’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Pastor Schaeffer participated in the burying of a time capsule in front of the borough’s Community Center. He placed a letter to the church’s members in the capsule that is scheduled to be opened in 2001, during the borough’s One Hundredth Anniversary.

Pastor Schaeffer celebrated twenty five years of service to Holy Trinity in 1975. He was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by Muhlenberg College. He retired on June 11, 1978.

In December 1978 Pastor Harry J. Goos assumed the leadership of Holy Trinity. In preparation for his occupation of the parsonage, $15,000.00 of repair work was done to the interior of the building. The parsonage and church exteriors were cleaned, repointed, and waterproofed. A new gas/oil furnace was put in the church in 1981. New front church doors were installed in 1987.

The (green) Lutheran Book of Worship began to be used at Holy Trinity in 1979. Mrs. Emma Newhart began a tradition of recognizing the ushers with an annual banquet. The church’s first photocopier was purchased in 1982. Also, beginning in that year, music worship entered a new period when the Junior and Senior Choirs—with help of singers from other area churches—began to perform Handel’s Messiah at Christmas. This special program was repeated each year for the next five or six Christmases.

The Youth Ministry group entered a float in Northampton’s Halloween Parade in 1983. Pastor Goos was instrumental in starting a Community Food Pantry with the Ecumenical Council to provide for the less fortunate in the community that fall. Pastor Goos began a new adult Sunday School instruction program in 1985. In 1986 new Senior Choir robes were purchased, and a sound system was installed in the nave.

In 1988, Fastnacht socials held in conjunction with the other Protestant churches in the borough began. The next year summer picnics began to be held among the three Lutheran churches: Holy Trinity, Holy Trinity Slovak, and Zion. These continued for several years. In 1990 a Rodgers organ was donated to replace the Allen organ that had served Holy Trinity for so long.

Pastor Goos resigned in February 1991. After a short series of supply pastors, the Reverend Jerry Mraz of Holy Trinity Slovak became interim pastor. During his service a number of improvements were made at Holy Trinity. The Lutheran Church Women purchased a new Christ candle.

New windows were installed in the Sunday School (parish house), ceiling fans were installed in the church nave, a handicapped access ramp was added, and new emergency lighting was placed throughout the building. The first massive wooden cross was placed in the chancel during the Lenten season in 1991. Decorated with appropriately colored hangings and rings of thorns or flowers, it continues to be used today.

Pastor Carey L. Miller took up the mantle of leadership at Holy Trinity in November of 1991. Repair and renovation work continued, including refurbishment of the church’s stained glass windows. The Sunday School purchased and installed blinds over the new windows in the parish house. The parsonage kitchen was completely replaced.

In 1992 Holy Trinity added the Easter Vigil service to its Lenten worship. First Communion instruction began for children in fifth grade. Christian History bulletin inserts began to be placed in Sunday bulletins, and children’s bulletins became available. With Pastor Miller’s active support, a Nursery School committee was formed. A two and three year old class began to operate in 1994. The school has grown to separate classes for two, three, and four year old children. A new Children’s Choir was begun in 1995.

The Senior Choir began an annual spring flea market to raise funds for Holy Trinity’s music program in 1993. As finances again became a concern, Pastor Miller and the Church Council pursued a formal stewardship program that began in 1994. The next year, church members started a concession stand to sell baked goods during the borough’s annual Halloween Parade. In 1996 a Family Fun Day was held for fellowship, as well as fundraising.