Holy Trinity

Lutheran Church



Casual attire welcome; No reservations required.

Sunday Worship Hours

9:00 AM Sunday School

10:30 AM Worship Service

Summer - Sunday Worship Hours (Starting June 5th)

9:00 AM Worship Service

No Sunday School

Communion 1st Sunday of Every Month

Visitors always welcome!

COVID-19 Update:

Please do not come to church if you are feeling sick or have a fever.

The following safety precautions will be in place:

1. The outside door will remain propped open so that it is not necessary for everyone to touch the door handle. Our cleaning person will be sanitizing railings, door knobs, door handles & bathroom on a weekly basis.

2. There will be a table inside the church doors with hand sanitizer to be used when entering & exiting the church.

3. We will NOT be shaking hands during the passing of the peace.

4. We will NOT be passing the offering plate.

5. We will practice social distancing by asking church members to sit 6 ft. apart. ( You may choose to sit next to your family members)

6. Masks will be REQUIRED in church. Please bring a mask if you have one. Fabric masks will be provided for anyone who needs one. They will be located on the table with the hand sanitizer.

7. The altar guild will be wearing gloves when setting up communion. Communion will be by intinction. Wafers will be placed in individual disposable paper liners. Please be careful when dipping your wafer into the wine. Your fingers should not make contact with the wine. If you are uncomfortable dipping your wafer into the wine you can choose to just take a wafer.

8. You are welcome to wear gloves in church if it makes you feel more comfortable.