Our Clergy

Assigned and serving:
The Reverend Patrick LeClaire
I have been married to my wife, Loraine, since 1967.  We raised three daughters and enjoy eleven grandchildren plus four great-grandchildren.  Having served my county in the U. S. Navy for 21 years, I worked another 17 years in civil service.

We became members of Holy Trinity in 1984 and it quickly became our home of worship. In 1990, the members voted me as Warden, which I served for 5 years.  Through the discernment process and a calling forth program in Nevada, called “Total Ministry”, I was asked to become a local clergy.  In 1995, my training began and I never looked back.

I enjoy my ministry in the Christian community and people I worship with.


The Very Reverend Trudy Erquiaga

Rev. Trudy has served as one of the priests at Holy Trinity since 2003.  People are her passion; most of her ministry involves sharing stories with people in the congregation and community (officiating at marriages, memorials, facilitating bereavement groups, and visiting with hospice patients and their families).

Trudy's 'church' responsibilities (besides celebrating Holy Eucharist) include parish communicator, planning worship, assisting folks in identifying/discovering their gifts/talents and encouraging/training them to share their 'ministries' in the church and community.

She is also the Dean of the Central Mission District.

Swimming, baking, and reading top her list of things to do in her spare time.  A native Nevadan, Trudy was born and raised in White Pine County.


The Reverend Deacon Nancy Janess
Rev. Nancy was born in New Jersey, but moved to California with her family when she was very young.  She and her family have lived in Fallon since 1974. She has four children, seven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.  When her family moved to Fallon they attended Holy Trinity.  She became a Sunday school teacher, then joined the altar guild.  Before being ordained, she was on the vestry several times which included church treasurer, church secretary, and one year as church warden.
In 1998 she was “called to be a deacon” through the Total Ministry process.  After completing the necessary classes, she was ordained in 2003.  She completed the four year EfM program in 2012.
Presently she is the director of altar guild, very involved with Sunday school, usually preaches once a month, leads the church book club, leads the Bible Study group, takes care of the plants in the church yard, and reaches out to others in need of help.
She loves to read and learn, work in the garden, and play the flute.  Praying and serving God, setting the “Table,” and proclaiming the Gospels are what really matter.


Not assigned but serving:
Michael (Mike) C. Northrup, since 2015.
Reverend Deacon Michael Slater, since 2013.


Clergy who have served at Holy Trinity
A. Lester Haylett, Vicar (1907-1916)
Emory L. Howe, Vicar (1916-1918)
Ernest H. Price, Vicar (1918-1920)
Edward A. McGowan, Vicar (1926)
R. C. Jenkins, Vicar (1926-1927)
Charles O. Brown, Vicar (1927-1929)
Hebert L. Lawrence, Vicar (1929)
Phillip T. Soderstom, Vicar (1930-1934)
Sydney Temple Jr., Vicar (1934-1936)
Albert L. Schrock, Vicar (1936-1937)
John F. Moore, Vicar (1937-1938)
Newell A. Lasher, Vicar (1938-1941)
Hervey D. Smith, Vicar (1943-1944)
Herbert M. Peck, Vicar (1944-1947)
M. Howard St. Cyr, Vicar (1947-1949)
J. Robert Orpen, Vicar (1943-1953)
Edward J. Watson, Vicar (1953-1957)
Thomas M. Magruder, Vicar (1957-1960)
Thomas S. Wilson, Vicar (1960-1963)
Paul E. Towner, Vicar (1964-1966)
Carl N. Tamblyn, Vicar (1966-1979)
Harold W. Payne, Regional Vicar (1979-1988)
Emily S. Bell, Vicar (1986-1989)
Eric V. Heidecker, Regional Vicar (1989-1999)
Thomas S. Wilson, Vicar (1990-1994)
Emily S. Bell, Vicar (1994-1995)
Samuel Caldwell, Visiting Priest (1996-1999)
Vern Frazier, Visiting Priest (1996-2001)
Virginia (Gini) F. Hart, Deacon (1996-2012)
Stewart M. Tabb, Regional Vicar (1999-2000)
Norma J. Scott, Visiting Priest (1999-2001)
Michael (Mike) C. Northrup, Deacon (2014)