The Blog That Isn't

Holy Hugs
is a work in progress. It is not really a blog in that it is not a log of my thoughts through time. And, more importantly, it is not about me. I am not trying to build a community. I am not doing this to make money on advertising. My writing often has nothing to do with what is going on in my life and everything to do with what is going on in the life of a friend.

Each Hug is focused on some aspect of an intimate relationship with my Creator. Some of them are my attempts to crystallize visions into paragraphs. Others are an arrangement of poetic fragments that have been swirling in my head for weeks. And still others are revelations resulting from Bible study. They are in no particular order.

Taking Them to Heart

Each piece is a sketch, usually less than 2,500 words and takes only five minutes or so to absorb. As you read through one, give your imagination time to color in the details -- details from your life, from your own historical context. Daydream through them if you can. Wander around in the images and cadences. Watch the movie.

I like to paint with words. I want to draw both myself and you into a swirl of color and emotion through imagery and metaphor. I want to engage and nourish the connectedness and empathy of my right brain while leaving my linear, logical left-brain resting in neutral.

Taking Them Home

You'll notice a couple things as you explore this web site. First, there is no place a leave a comment. This is intentional. Comment boxes on this site would draw attention and focus here. I would much rather you take anything you like away from here. Bring it out to your circle of friends and start conversations among them. Weave the threads that impact you into the fabric of your life and into the lives of others.

Dancing With the Spirit

Secondly, you will not find my full name anywhere on this site nor any recent photo of me.  When I write, I involve the Holy Spirit and often keep revising and rewording until Spirit tears are streaming down my cheeks. Sometimes they result from my praying a simple empathy prayer: “Lord! Help me feel what she feels. Show me what is in Your heart for her.” The results of those prayers for my dearest covenant friends are often the highlight of my week.

You may have been led here by a dance with the Holy Spirit. I am honored to be your partner for a few minutes rocking out to the music in our souls. And when this song is over, I'll lift your hand and encourage you to twirl away to dance with other partners in your life with the melody of the Spirit's song still singing in your head, and the beat of God's heart guiding the rhythm of your walk through the rest of your life. 

A Simple Prayer

My prayer is that you discover an inspired word somewhere on this site that deeply touches your life.

Lord God, may the work of my hands and heart be blessed with Your peace, Your understanding, and Your wisdom. And may each visitor to these words feel Your unfailing and boundless Love.

With all His Love