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 Modular Technology is an exciting class that allows students to experience cutting-edge technology areas of their own choice while working at their own pace.  Students in Mod Tech all start their learning in the LOGO programming environment. I have created a module that allows them to learn on their own, at their own pace. The lessons allow students to work independently of each other, yet still help each other grow as they show off the cool things they are creating with their new programming skills.

Once students complete the LOGO training they choose the modules that they will student the remainder of the 18 weeks.   We have 30 modules for the students to choose from in our current lab setup.
 Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality
 Check out the new Oculus Rift we have in our Virtual Reality module.

 Roller Coaster Physics  Cam and CNC  Space Exploration  Aerospace  Learning Linux  Criminology   Robotics  Graphic Design (T-shirts)
 Land Transportation   Automotive Design Materials and Processes   Digital Video Production  Virtual Reality  Automotive Systems Transportation Systems   Computer Illustrations (license plate)
 Interior Design  3D Modeling
3d house
Click Here to see a neat slide show about what we have made.
 CAD - House Design  Communications  R&D race car development  Virtual Makeover  Lasers  Engineering—Bridge Building
 Advanced LOGO  Digital Photography  Graphics and Animation  Web Maker   Fashion Textile   Electronics  Rapid Prototyping  App Creator

Mikes carEach module has about 15 class days of training that students complete. The training in each module consist of reading, multimedia content, and hands on activities.  Each student chooses 4 of the 30 modules they want to explore during the 18 weeks.  Students work through the modules with the partner striving to accomplish the following.

• Develop an appreciation of the significance of technology for life, society and the environment.

• Use knowledge, skills and techniques to create products/solutions of appropriate quality.

• Develop problem solving, critical and creative-thinking skills through the application of the design cycle.3d printed keychain

• Develop respect for others’ viewpoints and appreciate alternative solutions to problems.

• Use and apply Moodle effectively as a means to access, process and communicate information, and to solve problems. 


  This summer I participated in a course name 21 Things 4 Teachers. We learned about many exciting technologies and created items like the  digital story to the right.