• "An Analysis on Information Acquisition and Transmission,” (with Yasuyuki Miyahara) Kokumin Keizai-zasshi (国民経済雑誌), vol. 213, No. 4, 43-59, 2016. (in Japanese)
  • "Multistage Information Transmission with Voluntary Monetary Transfer," (R&R at Theoretical Economics) (An earlier version of this paper was awarded the 19th ISER-Moriguchi Prize. ISER Discussion Paper No. 1006)
  • "Communication Enhancement through Information Acquisition by Uninformed Player," (with Yasuyuki Miyahara) mimeo 2017.
  • "Complementarity between Communication and Investigation," mimeo 2017.
  • "Bertrand Competition with One-sided Cost Uncertainty," (with Ramakanta Patra) 2019.

Work in Progress

  • "Intra-Firm Communication in Oligopoly"