Live and Learn History Volunteers Project

The Live and Learn History Project has allowed volunteers from around the world to learn about Welsh medieval history and traditional skills through re-enactment and living history events, to participate in a lively and hands on practical environment that promotes and preserves our heritage and the sense of place of Ty Mawr medieval hall in Montgomeryshire

The project explores medieval history from c13thc to 15thc, the age of the timber and earth castleand Llys to the beginning of the Tudor Dynasty.

It concentrates on Welsh medieval history and that of the Marches of Montgomeryshire.

The main focus is 1460 to 1485, known as the Wars of the Roses as the main historical events of the time of Ty Mawr's building (1460).

We aim to represent a range of aspects of this period both civilian and military with a core interest in medieval building techniques, skills and crafts of the period.

The project is based at Ty Mawr medieval hall, originally built circa 1460, discovered by Dr Peter Smith in 1971 (RCAHMW) and restored by Cadw and the Powis estate in 1998, it won the Civic Trusts award in 2000 and the RICS building award in 2000. It is now a Grade 1 listed building.

The Aims of the Project

  • To celebrate our culture,historic and archaeological heritage
  • To engage with the community and increase interest and access to Ty Mawr medieval hall
  • To allow visitors to actively engage with history with a series of unique interactive living history displays
  • To encourage a greater interest in the medieval history of mid wales
  • To maximize the opportunities for people to participate in our events
  • To deliver a programme of targeted activities, workshops, skill sharing sessions and events
  • To provide the equipment and resources to allow volunteers to participate.

Volunteers Roles:

The Project offers a host of roles from helping with Open Days and events as front of house staff, to hosting costumed guided tours for the visitors to full participation in the living history displays that are carried out for events.

The grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund allowed 16 volunteers to take part in all of our living history displays as a fully costumed demonstrator, we provide the correct accurate garb for your role and the tools and equipment to learn a traditional craft or skill. Volunteers with an interest in medieval military history will be equipped with the arms and armour of the mid 15th c, either as a levied foot soldier or archer.


The project delivers a range of workshops to teach the traditional skills and crafts required to produce the living history costume yourself, from leather work for bag, purse and boot making to the skills required to fashion a traditional medieval style longbow.

Traditional building skills are learnt and shared in the practical environment of a recreated medieval building, a number of which we plan to raise on the site.

How to apply?

We recommend that all prospective volunteers try and visit one of our events first to see firsthand what the project entails.

You can download a Volunteers application form from the attachments below along with more details.

Celebrating the 'Your Heritage Award' July 2011

Volunteers Induction Day August 2011

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