Historic Games, Strange Science, Stories, Tricks and Jokes and Historic Song 

for all ages - this program is adapted for children from pre-school through High School

by Karl M. Kindt III

Instructor Southwestern Illinois College

314 308 7075


click on the picture below to see an historic painting of people playing historic games

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Everyone learns the games and tricks, stories and jokes so they can take these home and use them in their own families and at other gatherings.  Be the life of every party and celebration!

Comment: "I can't remember when I have had such a good time.."

Here is a list of the historic games:

1. Hucklebuckle Beanstalk - a 1,000 year old game that encourages mutual support and team work

2. Stop and Go

3. Pitching sticks

4. Small step racing

5. Ennie Iney Over

6. Freeze tag

7. Rocks

8. 3 legged racing

9. Barrel hoop stick racing

10. Grass whistling contest

11. Steal the Bacon

12. London Bridge is Falling Down

13. Musical stumps

14. Blind Man's Bluff

15. Pitching Pennies

16. Horse Race

17. Long Jumpers

18. Leap Frog Race

19. Wheel Barrow Race

20. Hide and Seek

21. Secret Message Passing Race

22. Pie and the Baker

Here is a list of historic stories and jokes and tricks

1. The disappearing coin

2. The talking dog

3. The talking centipede

4. The naughty parrot

5. Hypnotize

6. Taking off one's thumb

7. The wiggling finger

8. Talking Elmo

9. Four arms are better than two?

10. The mysterious moving napkin trick

Songs we can sing in humorous rounds:

1. Row Row Row your boat

2. Ho Ho Hosanna

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

4. Popping cheeks band

Great program for all ages - for scouts, schools, libraries, seniors, church groups.   This is a great program for the whole family as well and is very popular at family picnics, birthday parties and everyone of all ages gets involved.

This program teaches adults and children some of the historic games, stories, jokes and tricks that have been passed down to us from Medieval and ancient times.  Learning these games, tricks and jokes connects us to generations past and demonstrates that humor and what we can find entertaining is cross-generational and cross-cultural and cross-historical.  All the games, stories, tricks and jokes are easy to learn but full of historic fun and entertainment.