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Digital humanities

Ongoing Initiatives at UT Austin

Currently, I serve on a task force that is drafting proposals for both an undergraduate and a graduate curricular specialization in the digital humanities. I am also a member of the Principal Team organizing a "Pop-Up Institute" on Digital Humanities at UT Austin, which will be convened in June 2017 in order to outline an organized research unit in DH at UT Austin.

TILTS 2010/11: "The Digital and the Human(ities)"

TILTS 2010/11
During the 2010/11 academic year, I co-directed the Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies (TILTS). TILTS is a series of year-long institutes with changing themes, hosted by the UT English Department. Our institute has a website.

Together with the other co-director of TILTS, Matt Cohen, I have edited a special issue of Texas Studies in Language and Literature on the digital humanities as a site for possible convergence between literary and linguistic scholarship.


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Cohen, Matt and Hinrichs, Lars (eds.). 2012. Linguistics and Literary Studies: Computation and Convergence. Special issue, Texas Studies in Language and Literature 54:3.