Hingham Bowmen

The club is open again...but please read the information below!

Archery at our outdoor venue has returned on a Sunday. Although this is following strict guidelines that have been emailed out to club members. The day is split into three distinct sessions (Group A 9:30 - 11:30, Group B 12:00 - 14:00, Group C 14:30 - 16:30), with a prompt departure to ensure groups do not overlap.

If you wish to shoot on the upcoming Sunday, YOU MUST EMAIL andrewcox2412@gmail.com by 5pm the Wednesday before! This is to enable us to know how many people will be at each session.

Club membership has been carried over from the April 2019-2020 year, to include April 2020-2021. With anyone that had already paid membership for April 2020-2021 year to be moved to next year's club membership (2021-2022).

[Note: this has nothing to do with ArcheryGB rates/payments or regional fees]

We are a friendly and small club, with around 30 members. The club is full of keen and enthusiastic archers, who love to shoot and to welcome new people to the sport of archery. We are a target archery club, who shoot everything from Recurve to Compound and Longbow to American Flatbow.

Hingham Bowmen started following a series of evening classes in 2009 after which the participants refused to give up the sport. Since then we have grown steadily in number, but are still very proud to be considered a small and very personal club.

Through the generosity of local organisations, we have been able to purchase new bows, to train beginners and we have acquired a good line up of target for use year round.

As a club we realise that everyone wants something different out of archery. There may be those who wish to compete at the highest level, others who want only to spend a few hours challenging themselves. For some it is about tweaking and adjusting, for others it's about stripping the bow to the bare basics. Whatever archery means to you, we would like to invite you to come along and shoot in a relaxed informal environment amongst fellow enthusiasts.

As a new club, we are always willing to learn from others and to hear any good ideas you may have, all we ask is that they are suitable for the whole family and that they will add to people's enjoyment of the sport.