"It's About Time" CD

The is our first CD we put out in 2003 with Chuck Batcher on bass and Jim Selkirk and George Geel sharing the guitar duties. The CD has been sold all over the country and even overseas. You can still get a copy for $10 by contacting us at hilltownramblers@yahoo.com or at one of our gigs. We look forward to putting out a second CD in honor of our twentieth anniversary in 2013.

"Trademark Hilltown harmonies over a bed of bluegrass and gospel with some folk and country thrown in for good measure." Greg Haymes Albany Times Union

The Songs:

1. Solid Gone- A traditional tune arranged by the Ramblers with Chuck Batcher singing lead.

2. Rainbow in the River- Written by the late Paul Strausman, Wendy Decker, and Dick Stock a song for the Adirondack Mountains from back in the Stock & Strausman era which fits well as a bluegrass number in the Hilltown Ramblers era.

3. I Met Her in the Mountains- A song written many years ago by Moe Safford for his lovely wife Krista this has been a favorite at Rambler performances.

4. Only and Always You- Written by our good friend Larry King this beautiful ballad is sung by Chuck.

5. Every Song on the Radio- Written by Dick Stock.

6. Billy’s Pickup Truck- Written by his good friend Jeff Gonzales and sung by Jim Selkirk.

7. Theme Time- An old banjo tune arranged by the Hilltown Ramblers

8. The Cowboy Serenade- An old cowboy rearranged by the Hilltown Ramblers.

9. Pickin’-Written by Jim Selkirk this has some hot pickin’ too.

10. Church in the Hills-Another great Larry King song.

11. Walkin’ on the Water- A great gospel song written by Moe and original Rambler Morrie Safford.

12. Lord I’m Comin’ Home- An a capella version of this gospel classic.

13. Every Time the Train Went By- Another in a long line of quintessential train songs this one written by Dick Stock.

14. Dead Tired- Written by Moe Safford

15. Top of the Hill- Written by Dick Stock

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