Juniors: The Juniors draw is managed by Sydney Juniors. Once finalised, the Draw will be available in the Match Day App for all Managers and Coaches, and via the Rugby Xplorer App for Parents.

Minis: A draw is prepared by Two Blues Junior Rugby Union (for the Western Sydney Minis Comp), and Eastdwood District for that comp. It is released throughout the season. The Club's VP Minis reviews and consolidates the two draws to ensure no errors or conflicts, and then circulates the final to Team Managers who will release draw information to Teams.


All opposition venue information - Grounds

Coaches & Managers for 2021

Coaches and Managers for Season 2021 will be advised once confirmed by the Club's Committee.


U6 -

U7 -

U8 - Jono Brown, Chris Rainsford, Rob Swain, Brendon Doherty

U9 - Kyle Wade, Pablo Benvenuto


U6 Black -

U6 Red -

U7 Black -

U7 Red -

U8 Black -

U8 Red -

U9 Red -

U9 Black -

U9 White -


U10 - Jono Brown, Chris Rainsford, Alenka Knevitt, Anthony Kearney

U11 - Tony Brown

U12 - Andrew Knevitt, Darren Kable, Dylan Gomez, Jimmy Zahra, Mick Hall, Nick Sweeney

U13 - Aaron Spooner, Tim Shand

U14 - Matt Brinnand, Hamish Firth

U15 - Michael Clarke, Villiami Vunipola

U16 - Daniel Smith, Damian Fakafanua


U10 -

U11 -

U12 -

U13 -

U14 -

U15 -

U16 -

Code of Conduct

The governing bodies of Rugby Union have developed Codes of Conduct which covers all involved from the players to spectators and officials. Hills Junior Rugby endorses these codes for all its participants. A copy of the code can be found in the resource library of our website.

Hills Junior Rugby does not condone any type of dangerous, illegal or foul play. The Under 10s – Opens operate under the Sydney Junior Rugby Union judiciary system. Before any player appears before the judiciary a $100 fine must be paid. It is the responsibility of the family/child to pay this fine and until such time as it is paid the player is unable to be heard at the judiciary and as such is ineligible to play.

We pride ourselves on the fact that very few Hills Rugby players are required to appear before the judiciary and Hills Junior Rugby reserves the right to impose further penalties or sanctions to any player above and beyond what has been determined by the Sydney Junior Rugby Union judiciary.

Rugby should be about the kids enjoying themselves and learning new skills along the way. We ask that all parents provide their children with positive encouragement and ensure that the behavior of their children is of an acceptable standard.

Player of the Match

With the generous support of local businesses, the Club seeks to ensure that each week a player from each team receives the player of the match trophy/award. In the Minis, each player from the team will receive the trophy at least once over the season, as the purpose of these awards is to encourage each player's own milestones, not just the best player every week. In the Juniors it is left up the Coach and Manager as to how best to encourage their players each week through an award.