Welcome to THE Hills Junior Rugby Union Club

The Hills Junior Rugby Union Club has been active for sixty years and is located in the heart of the Hills District in North West Sydney.

"Hills Junior Rugby...developing kids, teams and community"

Mini's (u6-u9) play 2 handed tag on Saturday mornings among Parramatta, Eastwood and Penrith District Clubs.

Juniors (u10-u16) play in the Sydney wide SJRU graded competition on Sundays. The club fields teams in most, but not all age groups.

Hills Seniors (Sub-District) normally fields five grades including Colts. Find the seniors website at www.hillsrugbyclub.com

2019 REGISTRATION DETAILS - please note U10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, u14s are full!

IMPORTANT - Early Bird AND Family Discounts have both ENDED for 2019.

Registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2019 Rugby Union Season for boys and girls from 4 years of age.

The Club will be utilising Rugby Australia’s new Registration and Competition Management system, called Rugby Xplorer, for Season 2019. It is important to note that all players and non-playing members (coaches, team managers, trainers, committee members and other volunteers) are required to register for coverage under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme. Further, the registration process is 100% online, and payment can only be made online.

The Club is offering an Early Bird Discount for all players who complete their online registration PRIOR to the End of Feb (28 Feb). This means that all players who register in February will pay the same amount as Season 2018 – U6/7 $100, U8/9 $145, U10+ $175. From 1 March, all Fees will increase by $10. So, get in quick and get registered. What’s included in registration:

  • FREE Junior Waratahs Membership for 2019 for all kids under 16
  • $20 Family Discount for siblings registered at the same time (until 28 Feb)
  • Socks and Shorts for all NEW players
  • FREE Online Team Photo at End of Season
  • Rugby Australia Insurance coverage
  • Council Ground Fees
  • Expert coaching from accredited and experienced coaches

Prior to Registering - IMPORTANT

  • All Players and Non-Playing Members will therefore be required to have an account in Rugby Xplorer in order to complete the online registration process. You can complete the registration online by going to https://myaccount.rugby.com.au, or by downloading the Rugby Xplorer App for your phone from either the iTunes or Google stores (search for Rugby Xplorer). More detailed instructions for finding or creating a Rugby Xplorer account can be found at http://www.rugbyau.com/-/media/rugbyau/documents/rugby-admin/rugby-xplorer-rugby-account.pdf.
  • If you’re planning on using a NSW Government Active Kids Rebate Voucher for the registration, make sure you’ve applied for that first and have the voucher number ready. You can apply at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher. Once you have the voucher number, it will be required on the payment page and you will see the registration fee discounted accordingly. IMPORTANT: Once you have entered your voucher number, DO NOT GO BACK. This is impacts the registration and effectively voids the use of the voucher.
  • Similar to last Season, if you’re planning to register multiple kids to play rugby at the Club, then take the time now to ensure that all the kids are LINKED to the account you’re using. If the kids are not linked prior to commencing the registration process, then the Family Discount will not be applied for subsequent kids. Also note, that ALL kids need to be registered in the same session to ensure the Family Discount is applied. If your kids where linked to your account in the old RugbyLink system, then they should have been migrated across when you login with your account. If your kids aren’t linked, and you cannot find them, it may just be easier to Create a New Linked Account.
  • You will also need each kids' School, Height and Weight to enter as part of the registration flow. Be careful here and ensure the height/weight data is accurate. If it is not accurate, the child may be unnecessarily flagged as an outlier for their Age Group and need to undertake a Height/Weight Assessment before being allowed to participate. This information is mandatory and collected by Rugby Australia.
  • There is the ability to upload a headshot image of the child being registered (this is optional, but encouraged). Note, this headshot image will be displayed on team sheets, so please ensure it is both a recent, and appropriate, image for the Club and Teams’ to be able to identify the player. Each team will need to ensure that all players have a headshot loaded prior to Round 1 of the season. You are able to add a headshot at a later stage, so completing this during registration is not absolutely necessary.


Once you have the Rugby Xplorer account, and Active Kids Voucher (if you’re going to use it), and all your kids linked, then you’re ready to commence the registration process. A detailed instruction guide for registering can be found at http://www.rugbyau.com/-/media/rugbyau/documents/rugby-admin/rugby-xplorer-registration.pdf.

Once you have logged on to register – a couple of key points to note:

  1. Sounds silly, but ensure you have selected the child to register, and not yourself, as the registration options that appear on subsequent screens are based on you is actually being registered. This seems to be a common issue and the system may then tell you that registrations are Not Open - which is incorrect. They are OPEN and coming in thick and fast!!!
  2. When searching for the Club is called ‘The Hills JRUFC’ (with Sydney Junior Rugby Union). Do not make the mistake of selecting ‘Hills RUFC’ (this is our Seniors Club, which plays in the Suburban competition)!
  3. Role is self-explanatory (player for playing members, coach for coaches only (coaches and assistants), volunteer for everyone else (inc team managers and committee members). We are not using Training Only Participant – do not select this.
  4. Registration Type is ‘XVs Juniors’. Do not select any other registration type.
  5. Duration is Season.
  6. Personal Details page is not able to be edited. If anything is incorrect here, please inform the Club and DO NOT CONTINUE with the registration.
  7. Additional Details page should be updated to reflect the current address, gender and identification statement, if incorrect. Further, ALL PROFILES NEED TO BE MADE PUBLIC, so the player can be listed on a Teamsheet.
  8. Contact Details page can be updated, if necessary
  9. Registration Summary page is where the Registration Fee and any applicable discounts are identified. It is also where you can enter the Active Kids Rebate Voucher details (remember, do not click back once you’ve entered the voucher number). If done correctly, the Voucher will appear as redeemed and a new amount owing will be displayed.
  10. Payment Details page is where you can select the payment option, which is either credit card or Zip Pay. Once the payment details have been entered and processed, a successful registration message appears and you select Finish. A Pop-Up message then appears asking if you want to add another linked registration to this one. If you say yes, it will take you back to the start to select another child and go through the process again. If you select No, the process will end, and you will not be eligible for a Family Discount for any other siblings that may be registered at a later time.

The entire registration process can be completed on either a Computer (commencing at https://myaccount.rugby.com.au), or on the Mobile App. If you have multiple registrations to complete at the same time, it may be a tad faster to do it on a computer, as you can cut/paste the Voucher Number rather than rekeying, and it may be easier to upload a headshot if you have it handy on the computer.

If anyone is having any issues with registration, please email registrar.juniors@hillsrugby.com.au

Look forward to seeing you all back at The Yat for Season 2019!!


  • 25.05.19 - Minis Ryde Gala Day
  • 25.05.19 - Waratah's March Past @ Bankwest Stadium
  • 26.05.19 - Round 7 Juniors
  • 01.06.19 - HRC 60th Celebration @ Lilys Seven Hills
  • 08/09/10 June - U12 - U17 State Champs
  • 15.06.19 - Seniors Home Game
  • 22.06.19 - Rnd 1 Girls Frosty Sevens
  • 22.06.19 - Senior's Ladies Day
  • 29.06.19 - Minis Interdistrict Gala Day
  • 06.07.19 - Seniors Home Game
  • 07.07.19 - King Of The Hills
  • 20 /21 July - U10/11 State Champs @ Tuggerah
  • 03.08.19 - Minis Redfield Gala Day
  • 03.08.19 - Seniors Back to Hills Day
  • 04.08.19 - Harbord Harlequins U8/U9 Tournament
  • 10.08.19 - Seniors Home Game
  • 17.08.19 - EOS Minis Gala Day
  • 15.09.19 - Canberra 7s
  • End of September - Presentation Day