Service Fees

Hilldale Water District's Services, Fees, Deposits, Water Charges, and Information Related To New installations

All customers requesting water services must come by the Hilldale Water District office, 4326 Lee Road, and sign a user's agreement and present a current and valid driver's license or photo I.D. and phone number.

New Tapped Services


    • A complete physical address obtained from the Vicksburg / Warren County Address Office located in the Warren County Courthouse.

    • A flood letter stating the dwelling is not in a flood plain. This can be obtained from the Warren County Building Official in the Warren County Court House.

    • A Notice of Intent Certificate from the Warren County Department of Health, 807 Monroe Street, stating that they approve your sewage disposal. This must be followed with a written Approval Certificate from the Warren County Department of Health for the installed and operating system.

    • A Registration Certificate is required for each mobile home. This can be obtained from the Warren County Tax Collectors Office in the Warren County Courthouse

Water Charges and Billing

Water meters are read near the 15th of each month and bills are mailed on the last working day of the month. Bills are due upon receipt. A 10% late charge is added on all charges to the account not paid by the 15th of the month.

Accepted forms of payments are: cash, check, money order, credit card and bank draft. If you would like to have your bill paid by bank draft, please contact the office (601-636-8475).

Minimum Usage

$38.50 for 1st 3000 gallons

$8.00 for each 1000 gallons thereafter