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May 24, 2017                                                                                     

To Hilldale Customers:

As you know, we had some water issues in Warren County this past week when the City of Vicksburg lost water completely due to a major leak.  This issue also impacted Yokena-Jeff Davis and Culkin Water Districts. 


Three of the five water systems in the immediate area lost the ability to serve water.  Hilldale called Vicksburg offering assistance.  Warren County Emergency Management personnel advised Hilldale to distribute water on a limited basis in order to have the reserves needed in case of fire. Two filling stations were set up for citizens and other entities to get water on a limited basis.  Hilldale did fill several fire trucks during this time and were fortunate to be able to assist many needy families. 


On Tuesday May 9, Hilldale sent notice of a system flush to help rid the distribution system of the iron deposits that cause colored water from time to time.  This exercise has been postponed until water service in Warren County is back to normal.  Unfortunately, extremely high demand during this unprecedented event stirred up the old iron deposits and some Hilldale customers experienced discoloration in the water for a brief time.  We are sorry for any colored water, but we are glad Hilldale customers did not lose water and that we were able to help many throughout Warren County. 


We at Hilldale would like to thank you, the customers, for your patience during this trying time as we work to again resume normal operations.



Hilldale Water District 




All of us as a community need to help in anyway that we can.


Hilldale Water has cancelled the Hard Flush scheduled for May 22,2017 through May 26, 2017.  This is due to the water crisis that the City of Vicksburg is having at this time.


     Hilldale Water District will be conducting a Hard Flush starting Monday May 22, 2017 in an effort to clear the system of iron deposits. This flushing of the system is a yearly effort to keep the system free of the iron deposits that may accumulate during the year.

      This system wide flush will last for several days.

     As these deposits are being intentionally stirred up in order to flush them out.


When checking use only your cold water. If there is any discoloration in the water and you turn on the hot it will get in your water heater. Run your cold water for a few minutes until it is clear before use.



I will be sending out a call from the Call-out system to all residents that will be involved in the hard flush area.

Thank you for your patience while we are performing these flushes.


HWD Message to Members 2016

Hilldale Water District (HWD) began operating in 1965 with a treatment plant with only chlorination, an elevated tank, three wells located on Tilton Ranch Road and a limited distribution system.  Water was withdrawn from the Forest Hill Aquifer, roughly 350 to 400 feet deep.

By 1981, increased customers and water demand made it necessary to open a new (North) treatment plant on Warriors Trail with two wells in the Forest Hill Aquifer and to expand the water distribution system.  Unfortunately, this water had greater concentrations of calcium carbonate and iron that began to cause problems for customers.  Pressure multi-media filters were installed to remove the iron.  Complaints about calcium carbonate made it necessary to install Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR) system in 1993 to remove much of dissolved solids, including calcium, in the water at the North Plant.  An EDR was installed at the South Plant in 1997.

                Concerns about the steady decline in the static water level in the Forest Hill Aquifer caused HWD to begin an investigation to find a dependable new source of water.  The Sparta Aquifer, roughly 2000 feet deep, was the only viable option.  However, it has 150 color units due to the presence of dissolved organic carbon in the Sparta Aquifer, which presents a significant treatment challenge.  HWD spent almost three years investigating and interviewing firms that might be able to successfully treat this water at a price we could afford.  Months of pilot testing with a Ceramic Ultra Filtration (CUF) unit manufactured by Purifics ES, Inc., proved successful.

                HWD bought a 700 gallons per minute (gpm) CUF unit from Purifics ES, Inc. that was installed and began operation in December 2015.  The CUF unit will remove practically all of the iron from the Forest Hill Aquifer water and also remove most of the organic carbon that causes color in the Sparta Aquifer water.  Currently we are using a 50-50 blend of the two waters, which reduces the calcium due to the Forest Hill water by half since there is no calcium in the Sparta water.  This blend provides the best water that HWD has ever produced.

                We have recently had several customers who have tankless water heaters complain of faucets around the house with water flow restricted due to build-up of sandy or crusty material.  This material is calcium carbonate.  It is naturally present in the Forest Hill water in abundance and precipitates out of the water when heated.  It collects in standard water heaters and must be cleaned out from time to time.  We believe most of these problems during the past year are due to water system operation using only filtered Forest Hill water after the EDR was decommissioned last summer and prior to the CUF being started in December 2015.  However, over time the tankless water heaters can still experience mineral build-up on the coils requiring cleaning.

                HWD is fully expecting calcium carbonate problems to become less due to the CUF operation using blended Sparta water.  There have also been discolored water complaints caused by iron that is in the Forest Hill water.  These deposits are from the years of operation before filters were in place to remove the iron.  There are still pockets of iron in the piping system, but there should not be any additional iron getting into the piping system with the new treatment.  HWD efforts to remove these old iron deposits consist of adding a chemical to sequester the iron and executing hard flushing of the distribution lines.  These hard flushes can cause temporary color problems, but the color should return to normal shortly thereafter.  These efforts to remove the old iron deposits will take time, but progress is being made.

Future plans are being made for the following:  1.) Second well to the Sparta Aquifer, 2.) Additional water lines to connect the three treatment plants, 3.) A fourth elevated tank, 4.) Upgrading some of the water distribution lines.

                HWD will continue to work hard to provide the best quality water possible.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and interest in your water district.



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Consumer Confidence Report

Click here to view the 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Hilldale History

Hilldale Water District (HWD), located in Warren County, Mississippi was incorporated as a customer owned non-profit water utility in 1965 serving 176 customers with 209 taps. In the early years, Hilldale had a single simple treatment plant sourced by three wells. After aeration and chlorination treatment, a single 100,000 gallon elevated tank stored the District's potable water. Another 100,000 gallon elevated tank and a second treatment plant was added in 1981, because of residential-growth. This second treatment plant included the added feature of pressure filters for iron removal. In 1992, pressure filters were also added to the original treatment plant facility.

Several severe ice storms in the 1990's, caused HWD to lose electrical power and pipes at the treatment plants to freeze, thus total loss of ability to supply water to its customers. HWD recognized the need for backup electric power generators. Soon afterward, backup power generators were added to keep the water flowing during any emergency outage. After another severe ice storm and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the generators more than paid for the investment. It has been very re-assuring to Hilldale and to its customers that loss of water supply and water pressure due to power outages is in the past.

'HWD-certificated-area' is not blessed with the best underground water source supply, in that our raw water is highly concentrated with dissolved mineral solids. These source-water challenges have been vigorously addressed. In 1993, HWD installed the first of two Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR) Units, as a much needed additional treatment process. The EDRs are designed to remove excess dissolved mineral solids. The additional advanced treatment provided by the EDR units has greatly improved the quality of water and has also prolonged the life of many residential hot water heaters and icemakers, as well as improved the flow through our distribution lines. The customers, especially those with HWD since the early years, were more than pleased with the additional EDR treatment.

During 1998, HWD started reclaiming the water used in the backwashing of the pressure filters process. This reclaimed water is allowed to settle in a 20,000 gallon tank. After clarification the supernatant water is recycled into the ground storage. The remaining sludge (primarily iron oxides) is then drained into a HWD specially-designed drying bed. The sludge is allowed to effectively air-dry. Then it is physically removed, properly stored and then annually transported for disposal at an approved disposal facility. It is believed that this HWD-designed treatment process is the first of its kind, at least in Mississippi.

HWD implemented the use of hand held computer meter readers and accompanying billing system in 1999. These devices have improved the accuracy of the monthly meter readings and have made the billing process more efficient and accurate. Since 2002, HWD has added a 200,000 gallon elevated tank, four new wells and an automated Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system.

Today, HWD features state-of-art automated process controls, appreciable wells and storage, novel treatment processes, power-outage-assured distribution of high quality potable water consistently delivered on-demand to customers/owners. Postured with 400,000 gallons of elevated storage and nearly 200,000 gallons in ground storage, and with eight wells supplying two advanced treatment plants, HWD is positioned to more than consistently supply its 1775 customers with high quality potable water. Even with this capacity and well-thought and design-engineered water treatment and distribution capabilities, HWD continues to improve, innovate, and effectively complete short, mid-term and long range plans as scheduled and as budgeted. The latest customer approved projections, for the Year 2020, are being planned, designed, initiated and some even implemented now.

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