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WWII Voices: American GI's and the French Women Who Married Them

a  paperback and an e-book by Hilary Kaiser

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French War Brides in America: an Oral History
Hilary Kaiser

This book, a collection of oral histories, tells the story of mademoiselle and the GI by following the destinies of 15 French war brides – three from World War I and 12 from World War II. All of these women encountered cultural shock as they discovered an opulent and open society, but one which was also materialistic and racially segregated. But the women got on with it and survived. Although about half of the marriages ended in divorce, only about 150 of the women returned to France. Most of them, in their own way, lived the American Dream. Today these women are both French and American. They reflect the image of a successful betrothal between two cultures.

Originally published by Praeger Publishers, Westport, 2007.
ISBN: 0-275-99398-1.
ISBN-13: 978-0-275-993 DOI:10.1336/0275993981

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Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War
Hilary Kaiser

This collection of reminiscences and poems of American veterans residing in France brings alive the realities of World War II, particularly in France but also in North Africa, the South Pacific, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany.Many compelling images emerge from these seventeen stories: a secret agent launching kayaks in cold Algerian waters, a six-foot-two sergeant wading ashore at Utah Beach, an American medic treating a German soldier in a Norman church, a young Frenchman hiding an American airman in a shepherd's hut, a commander crawling over to a burning tank to save on of his "boys", a WAC dancing in the streets of Paris on V-E Day.

ISBN: 2-84048-194-4
Editions Heimdal, Bayeux, 2004. Distributed by Casemate in the U.S. To order: