I am an associate professor in the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. My research focuses on political philosophy and practical ethics. You can reach me at hidalgoj@gmail.com.

Here is my

Papers in Journals:

"The Ethics of People Smuggling," Journal of Global Ethics (link)(pdf)

"The Duty to Disobey Immigration Law," Moral Philosophy and Politics (link)(pdf)

"Liberalism or Immigration Restrictions, But Not Both," with Christopher Freiman, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (link)(pdf)

"The Missing Evidence in Favor of Restricting Emigration," Journal of Medical Ethics (link)

"The Case for the International Governance of Immigration," International Theory (link)(pdf)

"Selling Citizenship: A Defense," Journal of Applied Philosophy (link)(pdf)

"Resistance to Unjust Immigration Restrictions," Journal of Political Philosophy (link)(pdf)

"Immigration Restrictions and the Right to Avoid Unwanted Obligations," Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (link)

"Self-Determination, Immigration Restrictions, and the Problem of Compatriot Deportation," Journal of International Political Theory (link) (pdf)

"Do Employers Have Obligations to Pay Their Workers a Living Wage?" Business Ethics Journal Review (link)

"Associative Duties and Immigration" The Journal of Moral Philosophy (link) (pdf)

"Defending the Active Recruitment of Health Workers: A Response to Commentators" Journal of Medical Ethics (link) (pdf)

"The Active Recruitment of Health Workers: A Defense" Journal of Medical Ethics (link)

"Why Restrictions on the Immigration of Health Workers are Unjust" Developing World Bioethics (link) (pdf)

"Freedom, Immigration, and Adequate Options" Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (link) (pdf)

"An Argument for Guest Worker Programs" Public Affairs Quarterly (link) (pdf)

Chapters in Edited Volumes:

"Cosmopolitan Moral Enhancement" (pdf)

"The Libertarian Case for Open Borders" (pdf)

Public Philosophy:

Going Nowhere and Just for Fun:

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