Frequently Asked Questions

What does HH Endeavors do?

• HH Endeavors is a nonprofit organization providing charitable services such as crisis intervention services, emergency housing, mentoring programs, financial counseling, and community services to eradicate homelessness for veterans and Florida community residents.

Who are HH Endeavors volunteers?

• HH Endeavors uses a network of volunteers from non-profit and profit organizations to provide services.

Where will HH Endeavors provide services?

In the metro area of Jacksonville, FL and Macon, GA.

Who is eligible for services?

• HH Endeavors provides assistance to veterans and low-income personnel as specified by the Poverty Guidelines of the Federal Government. Disaster survivors may also qualify for our services. Referrals and appointments are required to match programs participants with a mentor/volunteer.

Why is HH Endeavors needed?

• HH Endeavors' goal is to eradicate homelessness and reduce our program participant’s reliance and dependence on government social services programs and offer positive support systems to transition to a better life.

How is HH Endeavors Funded?

• HH Endeavors is funded by donations from individuals and companies in the past. We can increase our services to the community with more resources but we are all volunteers and strive to ensure that over 95% of our donations are applied to our program participants, services and programs.

What property items does HH Endeavors take for donation?

• HH Endeavors accepts pre-owned computers, housing building material and supplies, office supplies, food, vehicles, film and video production equipment, and transportation services. For more information, contact our community engagement office at (904) 410-4303 as these requirements change based on program requirements.

What are your hours of operations?

9:00 am - 5:00 pm (EST)

Monday - Friday, except Federal and State Government Holidays

What services do you provide?

    • Emergency Temporary Shelter

    • Limited Financial Assistance

    • Crisis Intervention Mentor-ship and Support Services