HH Endeavors Org

"You can make a difference with a small donation!"

HH Endeavors excels in connecting the most vulnerable residents of Florida and Georgia to vital resources and other supported areas. We strive at linking participants in need to difficult-to-obtain services such as temporary emergency housing, employment assistance, counseling, financial assistance, and crisis intervention mentorship. By mobilizing city, state and community resources as well as volunteers, we are able to ensure that our participants receive critical life-sustaining services and resources during their time of need.​

Please fill out the information request form to be contacted by a Resource Specialist. Information Request will be answered within 24 hours. You may also email us at admin@hhendeavors.org.

Volunteers are the backbone of our program and we look forward to offering a meaningful and enjoyable experience. All of our onsite volunteer opportunities are located in Jacksonville, FL and Fort Valley, GA. You may also volunteer remotely to support special project. We hope you will join us!

HH Endeavors helps individuals experiencing homelessness, people at risk of becoming homeless, and neighbors in our community with receiving services and care. By making a donation to HH Endeavors, you help ensure that every person in need, regardless of income or housing status, is supported with care and dignity.

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