The HerricksCottAward: A Mock Caldecott Unit

Did you know that our library is home to a fantastic art collection?  All you have to do is check out one of the library's many books which have received the Caldecott Medal!  Don't know what the Caldecott Medal is?  According to the American Library Association, the "Caldecott Medal shall be awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American Picture Book for Children published in the United States during the preceding year.  The award shall go to the artist, who must be a citizen or resident of the United States, whether or not he be the author of the text."   Still have questions?  Well, pick up your "HerricksCott Judge" badge, sit back and get ready for an exciting adventure into the world of our very own HerricksCott Mock Award unit!  During the next few weeks you will not only become a member of the Top Secret Judging Committee, but you will be exposed to quality art illustrations, various media and art techniques and exceptional picture books which you will vote on to win our school's HerricksCott Award!