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These are help pages for new residents. Rather than handing out notecards that become obsolete, you can direct new residents to these pages that we can keep up to date. Here is a nice short URL to this website that you can copy and paste:

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The content in the above pages was originally created by Lucrezia Lamont and friends and distrubuted in a set of notecards entitled "Luneko New Resident Resource Kit." Sadly, Lucrezia is no longer in Second Life. The notecards were last updated in mid-2007, but the information is still surprisingly good. We will continue to keep these pages up to date.

Here are some links to other help pages for new residents:

Cyber Security for Second Life

Depression and Suicide Help

Do you feel qualified to counsel someone who is depressed and may be considering suicide? I don't either. Here is some information that may help you refer a resident to a group that can help them. The first three links are articles that appeared in The SL Enquirer.

From the first article, here are some Second Life groups that may be of assistance to a resident suffering from depression.

  • Mental Health Awareness Retreat

  • Positive Mental Health

  • Survivors of Suicide Group

Online Safety

Linden Lab

Other Help Pages

Resident Help Network Q&A group

White Tiger Mentors


Places of Interest


Landmarks from White Tiger Mentors, May 20, 2015

"General" Rated regions


Mature and Adult rated regions

  • A Touch of Australia – Serenity Mountain and seaside trail riding group. Full sim dedicated to sharing unique trail riding. Camping, Fishing, Koala Club, Cross country jumping.

  • Chicago in the 1920s. Featuring- Jazz club, Live music and The Empire Burlesque show. Known as the "Roaring 20's". Go back in time and step into a era of gangsters & flappers.

  • France PARIS 1900 ,Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, bercy, Les Champs Elysees., fashion

  • Fun interactive haunted mansion. Halloween costumes. Horror scary ghosts spirits, haunting spooky creepy pumpkins, graveyard, bats, evil zombie fun house & free costumes.


  • Magicland Park is a tribute to Disney Theme Park s for fans of Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney World! Take a ride on the Monorail, Star Tours, Jungle Cruise, and much more. Shop, play, and dine in this magical amusement park!

  • The Faery Crossing - Give me your world weary, your idealists, your winged dreamers yearning to be fae. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden veil.

  • The Lavender Field is a charity venue catering to the needs of very poor children on the Live and Learn in Kenya program - a child receives a warm meal for only 100 L$. Come and enjoy live music, DJ events,art shows and more.

  • 􀀓The Silver Tigers Relaxing Garden - This area is for those residents who are around 40 years and older in real life, to chat, share SL experiences and socialise with people of a similar mature age range or even in their 50s, 60s and older!

  • The Trace is a seasonal sim :) If you so choose, please post your pics to our Flickr group....

  • Virtual Chelsea Hotel - This is the Official virtual reproduction of Real life. The infamous mecca of bohemia, the Chelsea Hotel to Second Life. Chelsea.

􀀖The notecard's author was Bummasaurus Boram

Contact GreenLantern Excelsior if you need more help.