Who We Are

The Heritage League officers for 2016-2017 (from left):  Min Minnehan, President; Margaret Griesen, First Vice President;  Lynne Nelson-Dixon, Secretary, and Mary Cox, Treasurer.  Not pictured:  Barbara Sampson, Second Vice President.

THE HERITAGE LEAGUE originated in 1966 when some members wished to retire from the Junior Women’s Club and affiliate independently with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs, District I.  LaVerne Cook was the first president.  Other charter members were Bess Ash, Cec Cather, Olive Copple, Gloria DeVoe, Kay Keister, Ginny Rohrbaugh, Dee Schmadeke, Ellen Smiley, Ruth Va Boskirk and Joan Wentz. After years of various kinds of fund-raising, Cec Cather proposed sponsorship of a Holiday of Trees event for community participation and benefit. 

The Heritage League is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the Nebraska Federation of Women's Clubs.  Pictured below is the NFWC President, Karen Crandall.

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