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Some random notes that don't fit neatly into the table are at the bottom of the page.

Field Key: 
  • Colliders (energy frontier)
  • Dark matter, direct detection (cosmic frontier)
  • Neutrino, lepton physics (intensity frontier)
  • Other

Combinations of letters indicate an ad that either specifies no subfield, or identifies several.  Combinations that contain underlined letters indicate some perceived preference (or rumor) for a particular subfield.  See more on this in The Fine Print.

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Positions outside of the US

 Institution Field  Short List  Offers
 Lund  C Christian Ohm (LBNL) [ATLAS] Ruth Poettgen (Stockholm) [ATLAS] Elias Coniavitis (Freiburg) [ATLAS] Pieter Everaerts (CERN) [CMS]  Ruth Poettgen (accepted)
 CERN (senior)  CDNO  Michael Duehrssen (CERN) [ATLAS]  Michael Duehrssen (accepted)
 CERN (LD) CDNO Davide Caffari (CERN) [ALICE]
 Federico Sforza (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Doug Schaefer (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Louise Skinnari (Cornell) [CMS]
 Anthony Morley (Sydney) [ATLAS]
 Paolo Francavilla (LPNHE) [ATLAS]
Francesco Dettori (CERN) [LHCb]
 Josh Bendavid (Caltech) [CMS]
 Josh Bendavid (offered)
 Anthony Morley (offered)
 DESY  C  Jan Kretzschmar (Liverpool) [ATLAS]
 Carl Gwilliam (Liverpool) [ATLAS]
 Pieter Everaerts (CERN) [CMS]
 Alexander Grohsjean (DESY) [CMS]
 Duc Bao Ta (Freiburg) [ATLAS]
 Peter Everaerts (accepted)
 KIT  CDNO  Johannes Albrecht [LHCb]
 Thomas Kuhr (LMU) [Belle II]
 Florian Bernlochner (Bonn) [Belle II]
 Florian Bernlochner (offered)
 Radboud University of Nijmegen C Arantxa Ruiz Martinez (Carleton) [ATLAS]
 Pieter Everaerts (CERN) [CMS]
 Laura Jeanty (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Michele Cascella (UCL) [SuperNemo]
 Hendrik Jansen (DESY) [R&D]
 Cambridge C Marc-Olivier Bettler (CERN) [LHCb]
 Kazuyoshi Carvalho-Akiba (UFRJ) [LHCb]
 Viviana Cavaliere (Illinois) [ATLAS]
 Conor Fitzpatrick (Edinburgh) [LHCb]
 Elisabetta Pianori (Warwick) [ATLAS]
 Martin zur Nedden (Humboldt) [ATLAS]
 Marc-Olivier Bettler (offered)
 Alberta  DNO Guillaume Giroux (Queen's) [PICO]
 Alvaro Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Szymon Manecki (Queen's) [SNO+]
 Juan Pablo Yanez Garza (Alberta) [IceCube, PINGU, SNO+]
 Kenneth Clark (SNOLAB) [PICO, IceCube, PINGU]
 Nuno Barros (UPenn) [SNO+] 
 Marie-Cécile Piro (RPI) [LUMINEU]
 Cape Town C Elisabetta Pianori (Warwick) [ATLAS]
 Michele de Gruttola (CERN) [CMS]
 Carleton  D Masayuki Wada (Princeton) [DarkSide, SABRE]
 Marcin Kuzniak (Carleton) [DEAP]
 Mark Ward (RHUL) [DEAP-3600, HPTPC]
 Simon Viel (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Simon Viel (accepted, joining DEAP)
 Queens (Particle Astro and Detectors)  DNO Alvaro E Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Kenneth Clark (SNOLAB) [PICO, IceCube, PINGU]
 Guillaume Giroux (Queen's) [PICO]
 Francis Froborg (Imperial) [DarkSide, SABRE]
 Kenneth Clark (SNOLAB) [PICO, IceCube, PINGU]
 Kenneth Clark (offered)
 Queens (Particle Phys)  DN Alvaro E Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Guillaume Giroux (Queen's) [PICO]
 Belina von Krosigk (UBC) [SNO+, SuperCDMS]
 Alan Robinson (Fermilab) [PICO]
 Jingke Xu (Livermore) [Borexino]
 Guillaume Giroux (accepted)
 Montreal  D Marcin Kuzniak (Carleton) [DEAP]
 Alan Robinson (Fermilab) [PICO, SuperCDMS]
 Guillaume Giroux (Queen's) [PICO]
Marie-Cécile Piro (RPI) LUMINEU]  Simon Viel (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Alan Robinson (accepted)
 Saclay C Michele de Gruttola (CERN) [CMS] 
 CNRS (multiple positions)  CDNO See ranking here. See selection here
 Toronto   DNO  
 Mainz C  O  
 Laurentian  DN  
 STFC Rutherford CDNO  Christopher Backhouse (accepted at UCL)
 Calgary (Candada Research Chair)   NO  
 CERN LD (spring) CDNO James Keaveney (DESY) [CMS] 
 Giovanni Zevi Della Porta (UCSD) [CMS] 
 Marc Dunser (CERN) [CMS]
 Sascha Stahl (CERN) [LHCb]
 Mark Whitehead (CERN) [LHCb]
 Anton Poluektov (Warwick) [LHCb]
 Michele de Gruttola (CERN) [CMS]
 Marc Dunser (offered)
 Sascha Stahl (accepted)

Positions in the US

 Institution Field  Short List  Offers
 Nebraska  C  Jamie Antonelli (Ohio State) [CMS]
 Clemens Lange (CERN) [CMS]
 Si Xie (Caltech) [CMS]
 Frank Golf (UCSB) [CMS]
 Frank Golf (accepted)
 Wilson Fellowship CDNO Joseph Zennamo (Chicago) [MicroBooNE, SBND]
 Michael Mooney (BNL) [MicroBooNE, SBND, DUNE]
 John Alison (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Minerba Betancourt (FNAL) [Minerva]
 Si Xie (Caltech) [CMS]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE, DUNE]
 Nhan Tran (FNAL) [CMS,LDMX]
 Minerba Betancourt (accepted)
 Nhan Tran (accepted)
 Alabama  DNO Carl Pfendner (Ohio State) [ARA, EVA] 
 Cornell (accelerators)    O  
 Brookhaven C John Alison (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Viviana Cavaliere (UIUC) [ATLAS]
 Rafael Coelho Lopes de Sa (FNAL) [CMS]
 Jake Searcy (Michigan) [ATLAS]
 Haichen Wang (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Viviana Cavaliere (accepted)
 Rice (data science) CDNO  
 Kansas C Jamie Antonelli (Ohio State) [CMS]
 Viviana Cavaliere (UIUC) [ATLAS]
 Si Xie (Caltech) [CMS]
 Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez (Nebraska) [CMS]
 Justin Pilot (UC Davis) [CMS]
 Christopher Rogan (Harvard) [ATLAS]
 Christopher Rogan (accepted)
 LBNL (PDG) CDNO Manuel Franco Sevilla (UCSB) [CMS]
 Stefano Camarda (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Elisabetta Pianori (Warwick) [ATLAS]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE]
 Haichen Wang (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Elisabetta Pianori (accepted)
 Colorado Boulder CDNO Christopher Backhouse (Caltech) [NOVA, DUNE]
 John Alison (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Manuel Franco Sevilla (UCSB) [CMS]
 Louise Skinnari (Cornell) [CMS]
 Keith Ulmer (Texas A&M) [CMS]
 Keith Ulmer (accepted)
 Oklahoma State (senior) CDNO
 Colorado State CDNO Michael Mooney (BNL) [MicroBooNE, SBND, DUNE]
 Thomas Langford (Yale) [PROSPECT, Daya Bay]
 Christopher Backhouse (Caltech) [NOvA, DUNE]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE, DUNE]
 Michael Mooney (accepted)
 UMass Amherst C Christopher Rogan (Harvard) [ATLAS]
 John Alison (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Pieter Everaerts (CERN) [CMS]
 Laura Jeanty (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Wojtek Fedorko (UBC) [ATLAS]
 Rafael Coelho Lopes de Sa (FNAL) [CMS]
 Rafael Coelho Lopes de Sa (accepted)
 Syracuse   N Joseph Zennamo (Chicago) [MicroBooNE, SBND]
 Denver Whittington (Indiana) [NOvA/DUNE]
 Daniel Cherdack (Colorado State) [T2K, DUNE]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE, DUNE]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (declined)
 Denver Whittington (accepted)
 Tufts   N Adam Aurisano (Cincinnati) [NOvA, MINOS+]
Minerba Betancourt (FNAL) [Minerva]
 Alexander Radovic (William and Mary) [NOvA, DUNE, MINOS+]
 Minerba Betancourt (declined)
 Wisconsin  DNO Minerba Betancourt (FNAL) [Minerva]
 Adam Aurisano (Cincinnati) [NOvA, MINOS+]
 Christopher Backhouse (Caltech) [NOvA, DUNE]
 Alexander Radovic (William and Mary) [NOvA, DUNE, MINOS+]
 SLAC (Panofsky Fellowship) CDNO Nhan Tran (FNAL) [CMS,LDMX] 
 Cincinnati   N Joseph Zennamo (Chicago) [MicroBooNE, SBND]
Adam Aurisano (Cincinnati) [MINOS+, NOvA]
 Daniel Cherdack (Colorado State) [T2K, DUNE]
 Minerba Betancourt (FNAL) [Minerva]
 Christopher Backhouse (Caltech) [NOvA, DUNE]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE, DUNE]
 Adam Aurisano (accepted)
 Florida Tech CDNO  
 SLAC   N Joseph Zennamo (Chicago) [MicroBooNE, SBND]
 Minerba Betancourt (FNAL) [Minerva]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC) [MicroBooNE, DUNE]
 Kazu Terao (Columbia) [MicroBooNE, SBND, DUNE]
 Yun-Tse Tsai (offered)
 Kazu Terao (offered)
 LBNL CDNO Alvaro Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Javier Tiffenberg (FNAL) [DAMIC]
 Timon Heim (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Florida  D O Alvaro Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Jon Wilson (Texas A&M) [SuperCDMS]
 3 LIGO candidates (notes below)
 New Hampshire (nuclear)    O  
 Hawaii CDNO Tsuguo Aramaki (SLAC) [SuperCDMS/GAPS]
 Andrey Elagin (Chicago) [LAPPD]
 Peter Lewis (Hawaii) [Belle II]
 Kurtis Nishimura (Ultralytics) [mTC, nuLAT, Belle-II]
 Andrej Seljak (Hawaii) [Belle-II]
 Marco Cortesi (Michigan State) 
 Kurtis Nishimura (offered)
 Los Alamos C  O  
 Duke/JLAB   NO Anselm Vossen (Indiana) [Belle]
 Jan Bernauer (MIT)
 Pawel Nadel-Turonski (Stony Brook)
 Sean Dobbs (Northwestern)
 Anselm Vossen (accepted)
 Washington  DNO Kyungeun Lim (Yale) [CUORE/COSINE]
 Alvaro Chavarria (Chicago) [DAMIC]
 Martin Fertl (Washington) [Project8 / Muon g-2]
 Alvaro Chavarria (accepted)

Random Notes

  • Hamburg position (http://inspirehep.net/record/1471043) is not permanent, removed from the tables.
  • DESY sending rejection letters (Nov. 12)
  • KIT sending interview invitations (Nov. 14)
  • CERN-LD short-listing 11 people for 3 spots (Nov. 12)
  • DESY sending interview invitations (Nov. 21)
  • Colorado State sending rejection letters (Dec. 7)
  • Wilson Fellowship sending rejection letters (Dec. 13)
  • Radboud University of Nijmegen sending rejection letters (Dec. 22)
  • Amherst sends out invitations (Dec 23)
  • Cincinnati has begun scheduling Skype interviews (Jan. 3)
  • The INFN has announced offers to Italians: you can find the document linked under the comments of this blog http://www.science20.com/a_quantum_diaries_survivor/infn_gives_73_permanent_positions_to_young_researchers_in_physics-205006 (Jan. 7)
    • The fellowships for foreigners will follow according to the blog
  • Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich (Germany) is apparently looking for a new director for their high-energy physics activities.  Candidates have been invited for interviews.  (Jan. 15)
    • This does not appear to be an advertised position, so we'll leave it out of the tables.  But the short list, filtered from their Indico page, seems to be: Erika Garutti, Mathew Wing, Eric Laenen, Loredana Gastaldo, Andreas Hoecker, Jochen Schieck, Carsten Rott, Matthias Schott.
  • Wisconsin sending rejection letters (Jan. 19)
  • Boulder has started sending rejection letters (Jan. 24)
  • STFC rejection letters sent (Jan. 28)
  • Radboud has made an offer (Feb. 15)
  • Cambridge invitations are going out (Feb. 17)
  • CNRS interview lists available here (Mar. 7)
  • Cape Town doing Skype pre-interviews (Mar. 15)
  • Montreal sent rejection emails (Apr. 4)
  • Florida sent rejection emails (Apr. 13)
  • Ranking of CNRS CR2 positions are available here. (Apr. 17)
  • Florida offer went to one of three LIGO candidates, no names available. (May 4)
  • Saclay interviewed 10 people, offer pending (June 22)