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Field Key: 
  • Colliders (energy frontier)
  • Dark matter, direct detection (cosmic frontier)
  • Neutrino, lepton physics (intensity frontier)
  • Other

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Positions outside of the US

 Institution  Field  Short List  Offers
 Edinburgh  CDN  Georgios Christodoulou (CERN) [Dune/T2K]
 Linda Cremonesi (UCL) [NOvA/DUNE]
 Silvia Gambetta (Edinburgh) [LHCb/DUNE]
 David Cerdeno (Durham) [LZ]
 Mark Williams (Manchester) [LHCb]
 Will Barter (Imperial) [LHCb]
 Mark Williams (accepted)
 Radboud C Mia Liu (Fermilab) [CMS]
 Valerio Dao (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Jory Sonneveld (DESY) [CMS]
 Benedikt Vormwald (DESY) [CMS]
 Mengqing Wu (DESY) 
 Karolos Potamianos (DESY) [ATLAS]
 Mengqing Wu (offered)
 Astrocent  DNO  
 Liverpool C Carl Gwilliam (Liverpool) [ATLAS]
 Helen Hayward (Liverpool) 
 Karolos Potamianos (DESY) 
 Mia Liu (Fermilab)
 Till Eifert (UT Arlington) [ATLAS]

 Carl Gwilliam (accepted)
 CERN LD (instrumentation) C Marcello Bindi (Goettingen) [ATLAS]
 Benedikt Vormwald (Hamburg) [CMS]
 Benedikt Vormwald 
 UC Louvain    O  
 Geneva  DNO  
 Victoria CDNO Heather Russell (McGill) [ATLAS]
 Peter Lewis (Bonn) [Belle II]
 Samuel Meehan (CERN) [ATLAS]
 IHEP   N   
 Mainz/FNAL   N   
 Tokyo CDNO  Yoshikazu Nagai (Colorado) [T2K, SHINE] non-hep
 Queen's (CA)  DN   
 Nikhef/UvA (Instrumentation) C  Liv Wiik-Fuchs (Freiburg) [ATLAS]
 Stefano Terzo (IFAE) [ATLAS]
 Daniel Hynds (Nikhef) [LHCb]
 Naomi van der Kolk (Utrecht) [ALICE]
 Jory Sonneveld (DESY) [CMS]
 Oxford (Instrumentation) C   
 Christopher Young (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Till Eifert (UT Arlington) [ATLAS]
 Magdalena Kowalska (UNIGE) [ISOLDE]
 Magdalena Kowalska (offered)
 PSI C  Lea Caminada (PSI) [CMS] Lea Caminada (accepted)
 Liverpool (muons)   NO  Carl Gwilliam (Liverpool) [ATLAS]
 Joseph McKenna (Aarhus) [ALPHA]
 Joseph Price (Liverpool) [g-2/Mu2e]
 Joseph Price (offered)
 Valerio Dao (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Ulrike Schnoor (CERN) [CLIC]
 Jennifer Ngadiuba (CERN) [CMS] 
 Mauro Verzetti (CERN) [CMS]
 Quentin Buat (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Josh McFayden (CERN)[ATLAS]
 Greg Ciezarek (CERN) [LHCb]
 Sevda Esen (Nikhef) [LHCb]
 Greg Ciezarek (accepted)
 Valerio Dao (accepted)
 Mauro Verzetti (accepted)
 Rome CDNO  
 Hamburg (ML) CDNO Daniel Gruen (SLAC) [DES]
 Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg) [CMS]
 Pietro Vischia (Louvain) [CMS]
 Gregor Kasieczka (offered)
 Cambridge C  William Barter (Imperial) [LHCb]
 Sarah Williams (Cambridge) [ATLAS]
 Paula Alvarez Cartelle (Imperial) [LHCb]
 Harry Cliff (Cambridge) [LHCb]
 Sevda Esen (Nikhef) [LHCb]
 Michel de Cian (EPFL) [LHCb]
 Paula Alvarez Cartelle (accepted)
 Toronto  DN    
 Bergamo C 
 Vieri Candelise (Trieste) [CMS]
 Serena Mattiazzo (Padua) [CMS]
 Nicola Orlando (IFAE Barcelona) [ATLAS]
 Francesca Pastore (Royal Holloway) [ATLAS]
 Antonio Policicchio (Sapienza) [ATLAS]
 Giovanni Francesco (Lecce) [Mu2e]
 Nicola Orlando (offered)
 Lecce CDNO  
 Konstantinos Bachas (Thessaloniki) [ATLAS]
 Carla Bleve (LPSC) [Auger]
 Francesco de Palma (Torino) [Fermi]
 Sergio Grancagnolo (Humboldt) [ATLAS]
 Antonio Policicchio (Sapienza) [ATLAS]
 Viviana Scherini (Lecce) [Auger]
 Francesco de Palma
 Napoli CDNO   
 Queen Mary   N Patrick Dunne (Imperial) [DUNE]
Linda Cremonesi (UCL) [NOvA/DUNE]
 Linda Cremonesi (accepted)
 Saclay C Joany Manjarres Ramos (TU Dresden) [ATLAS] 
 CERN LD (2020)
 Cécile Caillol (Wisconsin-Madison) [CMS]
 Matteo Cremonesi (FNAL) 
 Benedikt Maier (KIT)
 Andrea Carlo Marini (MIT)
 Jared Sturdy (Texas A&M)
 Jonathan Long (UIUC) [ATLAS]
Rosa Simoniello (Mainz) [ATLAS]
 Rosa Simoniello (offered)
 Eotvos  DN   
 Yoshikazu Nagai (Univ. of Colorado Boulder) [T2K, NA61/SHINE] 
 Chiba University
 KIT C  

Positions in the US

 Institution  Field  Short List  Offers
 Harvard  CDNO  Carlos Arguelles (MIT) [IceCube] Carlos Arguelles (accepted)
 Chicago (junior)  D O Ben Nachman (LBNL) [ATLAS] 
 Chicago (senior)  D O  
 Northeastern  DNO Alden Fan (SLAC) [LZ]
 Tsuguo Aramaki (SLAC) [CDMS/GAPS/GRAMS]
 Raquel Castillo Fernandez 
(FNAL) [MicroBooNE/SBN] 
 Tsuguo Aramaki (accepted)
 Purdue CDNO Mia Liu (FNAL) [CMS]
 Christopher Palmer (Princeton) [CMS]
 Kate Pachal (Duke) [ATLAS]
 Hannsjoerg Weber (Fermilab) [CMS]
 Mia Liu (accepted)
 Christopher Palmer (offered)
 FNAL (Wilson Fellowship) CDNO David Flay (UMass) [Muon g-2]
 Tova Holmes (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Jennifer Ngadiuba (CERN) [CMS]
 Ben Nachman (LBNL) [ATLAS]
Callum Wilkinson (Bern) [T2K/DUNE]

 Indiana  DNO David Caratelli (Fermilab) [SBN/MicroBooNE]
 Walter Pettus (UW) [Project 8/Majorana/LEGEND]
 Benjamin Schmidt (LBNL) [CUORE/CUPID]
 SLAC   N   
 Wisconsin     N Lu Lu (Chiba) [Icecube] Lu Lu (accepted)
 SLAC (Panofsky)
 CDNO Callum Wilkinson (Bern) [T2K/DUNE]
 Auralee Edelen (SLAC)
 Alden Fan
 Kimmy Wu (Chicago) [BICEP/Keck/SPT]
 Kimmy Wu (accepted)
 Notre Dame
 CDNO Aram Apyan (Fermilab) [CMS] 
 William & Mary
 Cincinnati C N  Jingbo Wang (UC Davis) [DUNE/ProtoDUNE/ANNIE]
 Daniel Craik (MIT) [LHCb]
 Adam Davis (Manchester) [LHCb]
 Phil Ilten (Birmingham) [LHCb]
 William Parker (Maryland) [LHCb]
 Jeremy Wolcott (Tufts) [NOvA]
 Phil Ilten (accepted)
 Alabama  D   Jui-Jen (Ryan) Wang (Brandeis) [LZ] 
 Colgate CDNO
 Raquel Castillo Fernandez 
(FNAL) [MicroBooNE/SBN] 
 LBNL (neutrino)
 Raquel Castillo Fernandez 
(FNAL) [MicroBooNE/SBN] 
 Illinois (nuclear)   NO   
 Virginia Tech / JLab   NO   
 Illinois (collider) CDNO  
 MSU  D O Nathan Whitehorn (UCLA) [IceCube]
 Carlos Arguelles (MIT) [IceCube]
 Summer Blot (DESY) [IceCube]
 Maryland C 
 Ben Nachman (LBNL) [ATLAS]
 Adish Vartak (CERN) [CMS]
 Cécile Caillol (Wisconsin) [CMS]
 Christopher Palmer (Princeton) [CMS]
 Tennessee C N 
 Tova Holmes (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Allison Reinsvold Hall (Fermilab) [CMS] 
 Juliette Alimena (Ohio State) [CMS]
 Christopher Palmer (Princeton) [CMS] 
 Tova Holmes (accepted)
 Penn State CDNO   
 Boston C  Christopher Palmer (Princeton) [CMS]
 David Sperka (Boston) [CMS]
 Tova Holmes (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 David Sperka (accepted)
 UC Riverside CDNO  Tova Holmes (Chicago) [ATLAS]
 Mia Liu (Fermilab) [CMS]
 UC Riverside (astroparticle)
  D O 
 Jingbo Wang (UC Davis) [DUNE/ANNIE] Jingbo Wang (accepted)
 BNL   N Jingbo Wang (UC Davis) [DUNE/ANNIE] 
 Temple CDNO 
 Walter Pettus (UW) [Project 8/Majorana/LEGEND] 
 LBNL (Quantum) CDN Rakshya Khatiwada (Fermilab)
 Daniel Carney (Maryland)
 FNAL (accelerators)
   NO Adam Schreckenberger (UIUC) [Muon g-2]
Yoshikazu Nagai (Colorado) [T2K, SHINE]
 Fermilab/IIT (Quantum) CDNO Rakshya Khatiwada (Fermilab) Rakshya Khatiwada (accepted)

Random Notes

  • October 6: Edinburgh issuing invitations to interview
  • October 7: Chicago research assistant professor posting in DO: https://labs.inspirehep.net/jobs/1755865
  • October 7: Tokyo issuing invitations to interview
  • October 9: CERN IC issuing invitations to interview
  • October 19: CERN LD issuing invitations to interview
  • October 23: Radboud sending rejections
  • October 30: Liverpool (collider) sending invitations to interview / rejections
  • November 6: CERN IC offer has been made
  • November 22: CERN LD (instrumentation) sent invitations to interview / rejections
  • December 6: Cincinnati scheduling phone interviews
  • December 10: Indiana sending interview invitations
  • December 14: Purdue sending Skype interview invitations
  • December 20: Virginia Tech sending interview invitations
  • January 7: SDSMT scheduling phone interviews
  • January 15: Victoria scheduling phone interviews
  • January 30: Tennessee scheduling phone interviews
  • February 9: Victoria sending rejections
  • February 10: Riverside sending interview invitations
  • February 20: Cambridge sending rejections
  • February 27: Panofsky sending rejections
  • March 5: Eotvos sending interview invitations & rejections
  • March 9: Saclay sending invitations and rejections
  • March 27: Queen Mary sending rejections
  • March 30: Alabama search postponed
  • March 30: Temple search suspended
  • April 25: Toronto sending rejections
  • May 4: SLAC neutrino position sending rejections
  • May 12: Victoria made an offer to a senior candidate
  • June 4: BNL search cancelled
  • June 16: FNAL (accelerators) sending interview invitations 
  • June 25: 2020-201 page created, new jobs will be going there.
  • July 6: KIT sending interview invitations
  • July 9: UBC sending rejections
  • August 10: Tokyo, multiple offers to other fields