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Field Key:

  • Colliders (energy frontier)

  • Dark matter, direct detection (cosmic frontier)

  • Neutrino, lepton physics (intensity frontier)

  • Other

Combinations of letters indicate an ad that either specifies no subfield, or identifies several. Combinations that contain underlined letters indicate some perceived preference (or rumor) for a particular subfield. See more on this in The Fine Print.

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Corrections: Austin job is specifically non-collider

Positions outside of the US

Job Posting (Field)

Short List


Oxford (C)


Genova (N)

Manitoba (CDNO)

Sydney (D)

Oxford (N)

Positions in the US

Job Posting (Field)

Short List


Argonne (CDNO)

Alabama (C)

Penn (C)

UT Austin (DNO)

Florida (C)

UC Davis (CDNO)


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    • October 9: Argonne is sending invitations to interview.