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New Posts: SLAC Panofsky

Short Lists: McGill, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, SLAC Panfosky, FNAL Wilson, Florida, Brown


Faculty Shuffle:


Positions outside of the US

Job Posting (Field)

Short List


Cambridge (CDNO):

Harry Cliff (Cambridge) [LHCb], James Howarth (Glasgow) [ATLAS], Matt Kenzie (Warwick) [LHCb], Karsten Koeneke (Freiburg) [ATLAS], Elisabeth Schopf (Oxford), [ATLAS], Sarah Williams (Cambridge) [ATLAS]

Sarah Williams (offered)

Cambridge (Data science) (CDNO):

Lorena Escudero Sanchez (Cambridge), Matt Kenzie (Warwick) [LHCb], ...

Sheffield (N):

Linyan Wan (Boston) [SuperK], Patrick Stowell (Durham) [T2K]

Linyan Wan (declined), Patrick Stowell (accepted)


Uppsala (C):

Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez (Uppsala) [ATLAS], Christian Ohm (KTH) [ATLAS], Karsten Köneke (Freiburg) [ATLAS]

Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez (offered)



Chris Young (Freiburg) [ATLAS], Jan Kieseler (CERN) [CMS], Cristina Botta (Zurich) [CMS], Katharine Leney (SMU) [ATLAS], Clemens Lange (CERN) [CMS]

Cristina Botta (offered)

Chris Young (accepted)


Matt LeBlanc (CERN) [ATLAS]

McGill (CDNO)

Jeff Dandoy (Penn) [ATLAS], Nedaa-Alexandra Asbah (Harvard) [ATLAS], Danielle Norcini (UChicago) [DAMIC-M]


Alexander Bylinkin (Bergen) [ALICE],  David Dobrigkeit Chinellato (UNICAMP) [ALICE],  Valentina Mantovani Sarti (TUM) [ALICE], Martin Andreas Volkl (Heildelberg) [ALICE]

Positions in the US

Job Posting (Field)

Short List


Michigan (CDNO)

Julia Gonski (Columbia) [ATLAS]


Fernanda Psihas (Fermilab) [SBN, DUNE], Mitchell Soderberg (Syracuse) [DUNE], Christine Kraus (Snolab) [SNO+], Daniel Pershey (Duke) [DUNE, T2K], Jeremy Wolcott (Tufts) [DUNE, NOvA]

Brown (C)

Jennifer Roloff (BNL) [ATLAS], Jeff Dandoy (Penn) [ATLAS], Nedaa-Alexandra Asbah (Harvard) [ATLAS]

Fernanda Psihas (Fermilab) [SBN, DUNE],  Tanaz Mohayai (Fermilab) [DUNE, MicroBooNE], Linyan Wan (Boston) [SuperK], Dan Pershey (Duke) [DUNE, COHERENT], Zoya Vallari (Caltech) [DUNE, NOvA]

Harvard (CDNO)

UC Davis (CDNO)

Marco Del Tutto (Fermilab) [SBND], Nedaa-Alexandra Asbah (Harvard) [ATLAS],  Tanaz Mohayai (Fermilab) [DUNE, MicroBooNE], Linyan Wan (Boston) [SuperK], Sophie Middleton (Caltech) [Mu2e, LDMX, BABAR]


Minnesota (DNO)

Marco Del Tutto (Fermilab) [SBN], Danielle Norcini (UChicago) [DAMIC-M]

Oregon (CDNO)

Hualin Mei (UC Santa Barbara) [CMS], Jaebak Kim (UC Santa Barbara) [CMS], Yoav Afik (CERN) [ATLAS], Yuta Takahashi (Zurich) [CMS]

Dan Pershey (Duke) [DUNE, COHERENT], Zoya Vallari (Caltech) [DUNE, NOvA], Marco Del Tutto (Fermilab) [SBN]

Julia Gonski (Columbia) [ATLAS], Giordon Stark (UCSC) [ATLAS], Jeff Dandoy (Penn) [ATLAS], Nedaa-Alexandra Asbah (Harvard) [ATLAS], Quentin Buat (Washington) [ATLAS], Jennifer Roloff (BNL) [ATLAS], Hannah Arnold (Nikhef) [ATLAS]

Austin (O)

Stanford (CDNO)


Giordon Stark (UCSC) [ATLAS], Matt LeBlanc (CERN) [ATLAS], Rachel Hyneman (SLAC) [ATLAS]



Gian Michele Innocenti (CERN) [ALICE], James Mulligan (LBNL) [ALICE], ...

Yale (O)

Laura Havener (Yale) [ALICE], Austin Baty (Rice) [CMS], Alice Ohlson (Lund) [ALICE], Sookhyun Lee (Michigan) [PHENIX, LHCb], Kong Tu [EPIC, STAR] (BNL)

Caltech (CDNO)

Princeton (CDNO)

Danielle Norcini (UChicago) [DAMIC-M], Claudio Savarese (Princeton) [Darkside]

Aishik Ghosh (Irvine) [ATLAS], Julia Gonski (Columbia) [ATLAS], Johan Bonilla (UCDavis) [CMS]


Claudio Savarese (Princeton) [Darkside]

Claudio Savarese (Princeton University) [DarkSide]

Julia Gonski (Columbia) [ATLAS], Kelly Stifter (FNAL) [SENSEI/quantum]

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