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Field Key: 
  • Colliders (energy frontier)
  • Dark matter, direct detection (cosmic frontier)
  • Neutrino, lepton physics (intensity frontier)
  • Other

Combinations of letters indicate an ad that either specifies no subfield, or identifies several.  Combinations that contain underlined letters indicate some perceived preference (or rumor) for a particular subfield.  See more on this in The Fine Print.

Last updated October 17, 2017.  Recent changes:

 New Posts SMU, Northwestern, Caltech, Northeastern, Hawaii
 Short Lists
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 Faculty Shuffle  

Positions outside of the US

 Institution  Field  Short List  Offers
 Geneva    N  
 Queen Mary C Philippe Mermod (Geneva) [ATLAS]
 Karolos Potamianos (DESY) [ATLAS]
 Markus Stoye (CERN) [CMS]
 Michele Giannelli (Edinburgh) [ATLAS]
 Nicola Venturi (CERN) [ATLAS]
 Philippe Mermod (offered)
 Vilnius C  
 Imperial College London   N  
 Colima CDNO  
 York University / FNAL   N   

Positions in the US

 Institution  Field  Short List  Offers
 Indiana  CDNO
 Fermilab (Wilson Fellowship) CDNO  
 Rice (Data Science) CDNO  
 MIT    O  
 UT Austin CDNO  
 Carnegie Mellon C  
 UC Berkeley CDNO  
 Northwestern CDNO  
 Boston University C  
 Maryland C  
 Santa Barbara  DNO  
 Texas Tech CDNO  
 Southern Methodist CDNO  
 Northwestern    O  
 Caltech CDNO  
 Northeastern C  
 Hawaii (2 positions)  D O  

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