Sites & Blogs

RUTTER - Making the Earth Global.

The site of the ERC funded Project (PI: H. Leitão)

MEDEA-CHART. The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Charts. Birth, Evolution, Use.

The site of the ERC funded Project. (PI: Joaquim Gaspar).

ALFA. Shaping a European Scientific Scene: Alfonsine Astronomy.

The site of the ERC funded Project. (PI: Matthieu Husson).

Gynecia Project

[PI: Cristina Santos Pinheiro; co-PI: Bernardo Machado Mota]. I am Scientific Advisor.

The ASTRA Project

[PI: Helena Avelar]. I am Scientific Advisor.

(Director: Mário Santiago de Carvalho; editor: Simone Guidi ).

I am at the Advisory Board.

Clavis Bibliothecarum

A site about ecclesiastical libraries -- in English.

[with Luana Giurgevich]

Clavis Bibliothecarum

A blog about ancient libraries in Portugal -- in Portuguese.

[with Luana Giurgevich]

Francisco de Melo and the Euclidean Tradition in Portugal.

With Bernardo Mota. Site of interest to historians of mathematics. Devoted to the study of Francisco de Melo's works and the Euclidean

Tradition in Portugal. In English.

[with many thanks to Samuel Gessner]

Alvarus Thomas and his Liber de triplici motu (Paris, 1509).

Site maintained with Samuel Gessner. Collects materials on the Portuguese sixteenth century scholar Alvarus Thomas. In English.

(Note: the older site will be discontinued).

Ler o Almagesto e o De revolutionibus: Técnicas matemáticas da Astronomia antiga.

Site to support a Course I give on ancient mathematical astronomy (in Portuguese). Note that this is a technical course with the objective of explaining in detail the minutiae of ancient astronomical procedures. Not for the faint-hearted or the philosophically minded… In Portuguese.

[with many thanks to Samuel Gessner]

Tianwenlüe 天问略,

With Rui Magone, a sinologist; a blog devoted to our joint work on translating and editing Manuel Dias's, Tianwenlüe, 天问略 (1615).

Since Rui lives in Berlin, I in Lisbon and documents are mostly in Beijing this has been a somewhat slow project. In English and Chinese.

Pedro Nunes (1502-1578). Mathematics, Cosmography and Nautical Science in the 16th century

Site maintained with Bruno Almeida. Materials on the Portuguese mathematician Pedro Nunes.

Still very much at the beginning. In English.

Aula da Esfera

A site I started with Bruno Almeida and now maintain with Francisco Romeiras on the famous «Aula da Esfera», one of the most interesting scientific institutions in Portugal ever. In Portuguese.

O Caso Galileu; os factos, os documentos, a polémica.

A site with all the materials (and much more) I use when giving this Course on the Galileo Affair (in Portuguese). The course is based on the reading of original documents. In Portuguese.

Calendarium Gregorianum

A blog about calendrical matters. Access is reserved.

[with José Madruga Carvalho]