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Work conducted at the University of South Carolina

Nanoparticles on recording media.

Ferrofluid is passed over a pre-recorded HDD media,
(a section of a magnetic hard drive typically in a computer)

floating 2 Ton granite optics table for contact magnetic recording.  Used to preprogram magnetic medium for self assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Blue vacuum line secured hard disk drive coupon while the long distance AeroTech stage scanned.  The magnetic recording head was mounted on an Insitutec nanopositioner for precise programming of the coupon surface

Translation stages and recording signals record the desired
pattern onto the magnetic media which can be reprogrammed
as needed similar to editing a text document with a word

            For longitudinally recorded media, as pictured here, stray
            magnetic field lines draw the nanoparticles into position.

              A polymer is applied and can peel off the nano pattern as
              a flexible, transparent film for optical or electrical devices.