Car Give Away

Vintage Torque Fest 2019 will have a very special give away. A 1925 Street Rod Roadster, built and donated by Doug Siemen, will be given away at 5:45pm May 4 on Stage 1. Anyone who purchases a poster of the 1925 Hot Rod will automatically be entered to win!


Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation 2019 Fundraiser Rules and Regulations Prizes: (One)

1925 Street Rod Roadster

This fundraiser is conducted by the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation. All proceeds from the

entries will benefit the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization chartered

by the State of Iowa.

1. ELIGIBILITY: You must be 18 years of age or older to enter, a resident of the United States

of America and otherwise qualify under the laws of the State of Iowa. However, Iowa law

permits Iowa residents of any age to enter. Paid employees of the Helping Hannah’s Heart

Foundation and their spouse and children, Board Members and their spouse and children are not

eligible to enter. Nor are the staff and families of those organizations sponsoring or creating the

1925 Street Rod Roadster, FIRST PRIZE, eligible to enter.

2. FUNDRAISER DONATIONS: Each entry is available for a donation of $20. Up to and

including 2 entries are priced at $20 each. If the purchaser wishes, he or she may purchase three

(3) entries for $50 or eight (8) entries for $100. Multiple increments of six entries are available as

well. No additional multi entry purchase discounts will be offered. There is no maximum

number of entries an individual may purchase. Only official donation entries will be accepted.

There is no limit to how many total entries Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation can print and

sell. Odds of winning are determined only by the total number of entries sold. Entries are

available by mail. Send your request and donation amount by personal check or money order in

United States Funds to: Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation PO Box 1733 Bettendorf, IA 52722.

To use a debit card, please call the Foundation. Entries may also be purchased at the Vintage

Torque Fest and at certain events at which the Foundation is present. Entries may be purchased

online at the website with an electronic check; Iowa law

prohibits donations for entries with any credit device such as a credit card. The Museum is not

responsible for entries that arrive late, become lost in transit or are subject to postage due. Iowa

state sales tax is included at the time of entry purchase. Laws vary, but typically donations for

entries are not tax deductible. Please consult your tax counsel for details.

3. ENTRY SCHEDULE: This fundraiser will commence on May 4, 2019 when donations for entries

were promoted and then became available. All electronic donation entries, on the website, must

be received at the Foundation by April 21, 2019, All onsite donation entries and mailed entries

must be received at the Foundation by 2:00pm, April 21, 2019. The random drawing for the 1925

Street Rod Roadster will be held at approximately 6 p.m. Central Time, Saturday, May 4, 2019

and all decisions are final. The winners will be drawn by a person independent of the Helping

Hannah’s Heart Foundation witnessed by the Foundation Vice President or Treasurer and staff

on hand that day. The person drawing the names shall be a bank official or someone with

certification in the financial world. Six tickets will be drawn with the first being duly noted and

marked No. 1 as the motorcycle winner, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 are alternates. The

entrant noted on the first eligible ticket wins the 1925 Street Rod Roadster. The winner will be

contacted by telephone, e-mail and/or USPS mail as to his or her winnings immediately after the

drawing. The winners’ names will be published on the Foundation website. If any of the winners

cannot be reached initially, efforts to contact them will continue for 30 days. Should the Grand

Prize winner, No. 1, for any reason be deemed ineligible to participate or win or claim the prize,

the prize will be awarded to the first alternate, marked No. 2. Should alternates be proven not

eligible, the Grand Prize will be awarded to the next drawn ticket and so on through alternate No.

6; i.e. prize value priority is given to the tickets drawn in sequence, highest priority to the first

ticket drawn.

4. GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize - 1925 Street Rod Roadster provided by Doug Siemen as

described on the Foundation website and in materials supplied to Foundation supporters through

the mail andat events at which the Foundation may choose to display. Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation

reserves the right to supply to the winner the actual 1925 Street Rod Roadster used for display at

events and Vintage Torque Fest throughout the year. The approximate value of the awarded

motorcycle is $14,999. There is only one GRAND PRIZE in this fundraising program, the 1925

Street Rod Roadster. In all cases, the winner is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees

including state and federal sales or income tax where applicable.

5. RECEIPT OF PRIZE: The winner agrees to arrange for removal of the Grand Prize by June

30, 2019. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the Grand Prize which will then be awarded

to alternate ticket holder, No. 2, then No. 3, then No. 4, etc. The winner is responsible for

transportation and delivery of the Grand Prize. The winner is responsible for any applicable taxes

and fees including state and federal sales or income tax where applicable. Appropriate IRS

documents will be supplied to the winner by the Foundation and winner agrees to supply

necessary information for this purpose. Winner agrees to supply for no additional compensation

his or her name, hometown and likeness on request of the Museum to be used as part of the effort

to announce the winner to Foundation supporters, entrants and interested parties reading

Foundation promotional materials and the Foundation website and Facebook page.

7. ENTRY LAWS: The fundraiser is subject to all applicable laws, state or federal and is void

where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Entrants to this fundraiser are responsible for

compliance with all such laws and regulations based on their age, place of residence, etc. The

winners of the Grand Prize 1925 Street Rod Roadster release the Helping Hannah’s Heart

Foundation, its staff and Board of Directors as well as any related project sponsors and builders

from any responsibility or liability in connection with any loss, accident, injury or death incurred

with the use of these three prizes.

8. NOTICE OF WINNER: The Foundation will announce the winner via its various newsletters,

website and through distribution of a news release to numerous suitable publications and

websites. Or for the name of the winner you may supply to the Foundation a self addressed and

posted No. 10 envelope. The Foundation address is: Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation PO

Box 1733 Bettendorf IA 52722.

9. ENTRY RULES: It is the Foundation’s right to amend, revise and interpret the 2019

Fundraiser Rules and Regulations as it may see fit. It is expected that by donating money for an

entry ticket, entrants will hold to the rules of entering as presented here. These complete rules are

also available from the Vintage Torque Fest and at events where the Foundation is present and at

the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation website Please contact

the Foundation if you have any questions related to these Fundraiser Rules and Regulations.