I qualified as a supervisor in 2009 and offer supervision to qualified and experienced counsellors. As with my practice as a counsellor a person-centred approach informs the way I work as a supervisor. I strive to offer a supportive but challenging environment in which my supervisees can develop as reflective practioners. I pay attention to the many strands of supervision, including safeguarding the interest of the counsellor’s clients, maintaining ethical standards as well as supporting the counsellor to maximize the effectiveness of their therapeutic relationships. As a person-centred supervisor I encourage my supervisees to be responsible for how they use their supervision. When appropriate I am willing to share my knowledge learned from experience, but prefer to facilitate supervisees to find their own answers and develop trust in their own judgement.

Based on my own experience of effective supervision I believe self-reflection and focusing on the dynamic between the client and the counsellor, and how the client may be impacting on the counsellor to be useful and this is generally the primary focus in the supervision. I believe supervision can be an opportunity for a counsellor to develop their capacity to be congruent, and to identify through supervision why a particular client is challenging their ability to be congruent. I endeavour to offer my supervisees Rogers' core conditions to create a safe environment for personal and professional growth.

I am happy to offer a 30 minute session free of charge to discuss how I work as a counsellor or as a supervisor, and the opportunity for us to meet each other and see if we can work together.