Hello and welcome to my website. People often seek out counselling when they want to change how they feel, behave or improve relationships. I have extensive experience working with adults of all ages and teenagers, male and female, with a wide range of issues affecting their wellbeing including -Low mood and depression; Anxiety and panic attacks; Low self – esteem and lack of self-confidence; Relationship problems; Poor communication skills; Stress – workplace and life events; Bereavement and loss; Affects of childhood abuse; emotional, physical and sexual; Sexual assault and Rape; Domestic violence; Trauma; Gender identity; Chronic fatigue/ME/fibromyalgia

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing counselling can help you develop self-awareness, improve your sense of worth, and be less critical and more accepting of yourself and your emotions. This will contribute to improved wellbeing and ability to make better choices and decisions for yourself, improve your mood, decrease anxiety and form healthy relationships.

I can offer you a safe, confidential space to explore and express your current difficulties and feelings. I strive to offer a supportive and collaborative relationship in which you will feel accepted and understood that will enable you to develop the emotional resources and regulation that you need to make positive changes to the way you feel, think and behave.