Welcome to the webpage for Heidi's Daycare, located in Rochester, MN  

We are centrally located for easy access to both downtown and Highway 52.  Quiet neighborhood 3 blocks off of 2nd Street SW.  Family based childcare in our home.  Here we are all family!  Sit back, take some time and explore our website to learn about our daycare. Click the links to your left for more! 


Weekly Miss Carol does a Zumba class! Twice a month Miss Carol comes back and teaches a music lesson. Every other Wednesday Miss Tati comes for a Spanish class.  Our primary focus is on play based learning, following the Creative Curriulum.   When children are playing they are learning.  We explore our environment, learning about everything around us.  We understand the power of play in preparing our children for school and beyond.  

In the summer months you will find us outside playing, climbing, riding bikes, gardening, playing in the water and generally just enjoying the great outdoors.  Winters we try and get outside as often as the weather permits. 

Today's PLAY = Tomorrow's Success!
Play in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. Play develops skills that are needed for children to learn to read and write and for sucess in math and science.
Play: Helps preschool children learn:Leads to school success:
When children draw a pictureThey are learning to use pictures or symbols to represent their ideasUnderstanding that letters and words are symbols and practice with using symbols is needed for children to read and write.
When children pretend to write with crayons/colored pencils/chalkDirectionality- the way we write from left to right.
Gives children the background to makes sense of reading and writing
When children do a puzzleThey learning to stick to a job and complete it. They are learning to make spatial discrimination, noticing the difference between the background and picture"Be persistent" "Keep trying" Children who are persistent learners do better in all areas of school.
When children play with small toysThey improve their small muscle control by picking up and moving objects.Good small muscle control is needed for holding a pencil and learning to write.
When children put toys away into labeled bucketsThey are learning to match, classify, and sort by shape, size, attributesThese are underlying skills for many types of learning, especially math and science.
When children play teacher/parent/doctor ect.
They are developing the ability to think about the way others act, think and feel. They develop empathy and feelings towards others.Empathy and understanding how others may feel
When children play make believeThey are improving their language skills. They are learning to work together. They are making sense of their world by play acting and working through it. Language skills, problem solving, understanding the world around them.
When children pretend to readDirectionality, how pages are turned, how a book is held, how letters represent ideas.
Important pre-reading skills.

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