Heartsong Tutors

Heartsong has been led for many years by invited tutors. Our excellent singing tutors  lead for 1-2 sessions  -  up to a series of 6-12 sessions each term. 

Current or recent tutors :

Catriona Fothergill

I have a passion for getting people singing and I aim to make my singing groups inclusive to all. Groups are open to all, no previous experience of singing is necessary. The focus is on fun and enjoyment as well as sounding good!. Cat is a member of the Natural Voice Network. 

Susie Ennals

Susie was a regular singer with Heartsong some years ago and was the founder and leader of Cor Gobaith since 2005, until she retired as leader about 18 months ago. She still leads a choir near Llandrindod Wells.  http://www.streetchoir2013.org.uk/cocircr-gobaith.html

Henry Sears

Henry is music graduate, and accidental choir leader (from 2007), who now leads many community choirs in West Wales. Henry is a member of the Natural Voice Network.  Community-choir-with-henry-sears-megaffron

Rosie McConnell

Rosie says "I run community choirs for all ages and experience. We sing and laugh together, building up a repertoire of favourite harmonious world songs. Fun and informal."  Rosie is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

Charlotte Woodford

Charlotte says "It wasn't until much later in my life that I came, by lucky accident, to be directing community choirs. Having known almost nothing about the voice, or choirs, I feel I have found my calling, and absolutely adore it! I aim to teach with humour, love, deep connection to the music and technical care. I love working with and helping develop complete beginners as well as more experienced singers, and am still very much on the journey myself. Group singing is wonderful"  Charlotte is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

Vivienne Couch

Vivienne has been facilitating workshops and teaching singing groups for over 15 years. She runs ‘Tywi Harmony’ based in Llandeilo.  Natural Voice Network

Tutors we have had in the past : :

Ric LLoyd

Rick Lloyd received a BAFTA for TV composition on the series ‘Porterhouse Blue’ and is perhaps best known as a member of the original Flying Pickets. He is now a composer/producer based in mid-Wales. As well as recording his own work he regularly arranges for and performs with The Hornettes, The Boogilators, Rae Lewis and the Rays and the Ric Lloyd Trio.

Clara Clay 

Clara says "My musical background began with learning folk fiddle in my youth. Sharing expression through music is something I find deeply thrilling, and what I love about community harmony singing is that anyone can join in. We all have a voice and no matter how much or little confidence we feel, to open our voices in a group brings a joy and satisfaction that everyone feels. I love to share songs from a vast array of styles, eras and regions of the world, covering every topic of what is involved in this process of living!"  Clara is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

Rachel Howells

Rachel led Heartsong for a number of 6 week periods over the last two years, teaching with great energy and passion. However, she moved away from Aberystwyth in April 2015. We shall miss her, and wish her well.

Louise Broome 

Louise led the choir for a number of sessions, notably to learn songs for the production of the play staged in Aberystwyth, called 'The Events' in 2014.

Joan Mills 

Aberystwyth Heartsong Community Choir choir originated in 1996 from Joan Mills’ voice and singing workshops and classes, designed for those who had never felt they could sing or had lost confidence. Joan works for the Department of Theatre Film and Television, Aberystwyth University, as the Fellow in Voice and Performance and with the Centre for Performance Research as Director of the Giving Voice project. She has now moved away from Aberystwyth but she will remembered with affection particularly for her energy and enthusiasm. She taught us many Georgian songs and involved the choir in a number of joint productions involving her students. Joan is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

Roxane Smith

Roxane Smith is renowned for teaching uplifting, fun and funky songs in harmony. All the songs are taught by ear, as fits with the ethos of the Natural Voice Network, of which she is an active member.
Roxane has organised a variety of events and is involved with the annual Sing for Water event in London in aid of Wateraid.
Roxane says "I firmly believe that anyone can sing, and everyone can enjoy singing (whether this be in a harmony group, the bath or alone in the car with the radio on full blast).  Roxane now lives in Shrewsbury but still leads Machappella in Machynlleth.

See Roxane's website: http://www.harmonyjunky.co.uk/choirs.html

Jamie Dawes-Hughes

Jamie began his apprenticeship as a choir leader with Heartsong in 2012 having been a member of a number of choirs and small singing groups, and having attended many singing workshops. He has a natural ability and empathy with choirs and is already a popular leader with members of Heartsong choir. Unfortunately for us he left the area the following year and now leads choirs in North Wales. Jamie is a member of the Natural Voice Network.

Lou Laurens

Lou Laurens died on Thursday 24th Sept 2014, peacefully in hospital. Lou has been fighting breast cancer since the birth of her son Rupert. Until then she regularly led Heartsong choir. Lou has been a dedicated and inspirational tutor for many years.  With her we have been involved in lots of concerts often in association with other choirs over many years. She will be greatly missed.  

Nick Jones

Nick is a songwriter and leader of Cor y Gors, but has occasionally tutored Heartsong choir.

Link to Nick's website:  http://www.nickjonesmusic.co.uk/

Andy Rowland

Andy has led Heartsong occasionally over many years. His 'home' choir is the Tuesday Singers in Machynlleth:  Machynlleth-Tuesday-Singers