The Headrick Scholarship was established at the Emporia State University Endowment Association with a generous gift from the estate of Mary Frances Headrick after her death in November, 2000.  This gift was left for the descendants of her parents, Richard Byron and Mary Frances Barnett Headrick, to provide scholarship funds for higher education.
The Richard Byron and Mary Frances Barnett Headrick Family
Summer 1932
Back Row:  Edgar Ralph and Lorance Tilmon
Middle Row:  John David, Thelma Pearl, Genevieve Fern and Richard Byron II
Front Row: Walter Roy, Mary Frances Barnett Headrick, Richard Byron Headrick holding Flora Mae Elizabeth and Mary Frances

The Headrick Scholarship is awarded using the yearly earnings only from the Headrick Educational Fund.  When there is a gain in earnings, the income is made available for a scholarship distribution to at least one eligible member of the Headrick Family who will be attending a college or university as a full-time student. To be eligible to receive a scholarship award from the fund, the person must be the descendant of Richard Byron and Mary Frances Barnett Headrick, either by blood relation, legal adoption, or the legal spouse of such a descendant. For more information, see Eligibility. To apply, see Application Information.