Parent Reps

Parent Representative 101

GTAC works with the HCPSS G/T Program office to receive updates, ask questions, and provide feedback related to G/T programs. The Parent Representative is the liaison between GTAC and their school community. Parent Reps are invited to attend quarterly GTAC Steering Committee meetings (optional), receive minutes from those meetings, and then share key G/T Program news with their school communities. Parent Reps can also provide feedback to the committee from their school communities. Representatives are encouraged to check in with their school's G/T resource teacher from time to time to see if they can provide any help. Coordinating set-up and clean-up helpers for Enrichment Fairs and donations of supplies for Instructional Seminars are just a few common requests.

On a broader level, together we serve as an advocacy group for advance-level learners. As educational philosophies and policies change over time, GTAC members stand committed to ensure that school policies and programs benefit all students, including advanced-level learners. As parents, we enhance the education of our children by being informed and providing feedback related to G/T Programs.

What other opportunities exist for Parent Reps?

There are additional opportunities to be more involved in the GTAC, if interested. Representatives may serve on the Steering Committee of GTAC, advocate for the group at meetings of the Board of Education of Howard County, and represent the group at policy committee meetings. Parent Representatives might also wish to research new and proposed laws and decisions, which may affect advanced-level learners. There are also opportunities to assist with the planning and implementation of events, such as the G/T Educator Recognition Event held in the Spring.

How do I sign up to be a Parent Rep?

If you have been asked by your G/T Resource Teacher to serve as a Parent Rep for your school, you need to fill out the registration form on this page. Parent Reps are required to fill out the form each year to ensure they get on the Parent Rep mailing list. If you have not been specifically asked by your G/T Resource Teacher, check with him or her first to see if they have this role filled already. Thank you!