What I Do

I practice a type of medicine that was started by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the last part of the 1800's. He believed that the body, mind, and spirit were inseparable. He taught that your body could repair itself and the the ideal state was one in which your body could move freely. From time to time, you suffer an injury or develop habits of moving that keep your body from healing itself. My job is to help you past those times by helping your body to move normally. I do this by using a number of different techniques developed by Dr. Still and his students. These techniques helped Dr. Still's patients to survive the flu epidemic in a time that had few medicines. Often today the benefits of manipulation are often overlooked in such illness, but it can still help a person get well more quickly.

The most common uses of osteopathic manipulation today are in treating chronic problems that cause pain. This includes back pain, headaches and pain associated with pregnancy. I can also help with problems resulting from poor drainage of body fluids like ear and sinus infections.

I can also help with problems such as infant feeding and sleeping difficulties, digestive distress, irritability, torticollis, and head shape abnormalities resulting from a difficult birth, chronic illness and developmental disabilities.

Below is an excellent video about my mentor, Robert Fulford, DO and the practice and history of Osteopathy.