About STArHS

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The purpose of STArHS is to engage in the following activities:

  • To encourage and nurture the interest of students, parents and the community of Hatfield in all phases of the arts including vocal, classroom and instrumental music, theater and visual art, in Hatfield Schools.
  • To lend all support wherever and whenever possible to the directors, teachers and arts programs in general, and to cooperate with the directors and the school administration in any and all phases of arts activities.
  • To enter into and carry on money-making projects necessary to support the financial needs of arts programs in the Hatfield Schools.
  • To solicit charitable donations for the purpose of facilitating the above.

2019-2020 STArHS Trustees

Jenny Claps

Jessica Corwin, Treasurer

Patricia Judice

Jeff McCollough, Co-President

David Morris

Julie Muellejans, Secretary

Carey O'Brien, Co-President

Steven O'Day

Glenn Zygmont