Cast as the off screen voice of God:

Fake Witch from Oz:

Fake Mickey Mouse:

Polar Bear in my Frigidaire (A poem by Shell Silverstein)

Fake Darth Vader:

Me as an old man:

Voice of a Housefly:

Fake Krusty laugh:

Narration for a Fairy audio cassette:

For, Pretending to be a radio announcer:

Fake Mickey en Espanol

Produced and voiced a one hour episode of the "Having fun with Hobbies" show for WSRadio which aired 7/18/15, the topic being chess. Here is segment one:

I can't sing, but I try:

Another clip for

Sci-Fi short, cast as yet another radio announcer:

Project Stars, a student film where I'm cast as the radio announcer once more. Note it's

AM radio, so the audio quality was intentionally distorted :-)