Newspaper Articles and Media Appearances

'Center focuses on decisions, data, values', Wisconsin State Journal, March 20, 2015

'Obama puts onus on parents', Times Educational Supplement (UK) Nov 14 2008

'Idealist who pricks the conscience of a nation', Times Educational Supplement (UK) Aug 29 2008

'The man who outsmarted IQ',
Times Educational Supplement (UK) Aug 22 2008

'Playing blame game in the battle of the sexes', Times Educational Supplement (UK) Oct 6 2006

Is Evidence Enough?: why values and context matter in education policymaking’, Education Week (US) Sept 27th 2006

Barbarians eat into our lunch break’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) August 4th 2006

Silence the grade whingers forever’, Times Educational Supplement (UK)  June 23rd 2006

Charter for choice? Its really no choice at all Times Educational Supplement (UK)  May 12 2006

Blame it on the puritans’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) March 10th 2006

Myths of black and white results gapTimes Educational Supplement (UK) March 10th 2006

Bush goes bananas in the monkey wars’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) December 23rd 2005

Schools for the enlightenment or epiphany?Times Higher Education Supplement (UK) December 23rd 2005

Sentimental myths harm our history Times Educational Supplement (UK) Nov 18th 2005

Mind the holiday gap’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Sept 16th 2005

Birth of educational equality in the US’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) May 20th 2005

America:One nation now divided by God’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) April 15th 2005

Ideas that go beyond belief’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Feb 25th 2005

Don't let ads poison children's minds’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Feb 11th 2005 (March 25th in Scottish edition)

Bush’s Left Turn for Education’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Nov 8th, 2004

Why I Have Faith in Religious Schools’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Oct 22nd, 2004

‘Schools should not put blame for achievement gap on staff’, The Capital Times (Madison) Sept 29th, 2004

Can comprehensive schools really work?’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Aug 27th, 2004

                    Here's the article of the same name by my dad in same issue of TES

You Can’t Get a Cut-Price EtonNew Statesman (UK) Jan 12th, 2004

Tricks for Social Mobility’, Times Educational Supplement (UK) Oct 4th, 2003

‘Educational Equality and Targeting Resources’, Learning and Skills Research Journal (a publication of the UK Department for Education and Skills) Summer 2003

‘Give Ed a Chance’, Wisconsin State Journal, (Madison WI) Oct 3rd, 2002

'Deprivation and Educational Achievement', Times Educational Supplement (UK) June 21st, 2002

'Why the Left Should Now Learn to Love Vouchers', The Independent (UK) April 2nd, 2002

'Back to School', Fabian Review (UK) vol 113, no. 3, Autumn 2001, pp. 16-19

'School Profits are Doomed', Times Educational Supplement (UK) Sept 7th, 2001

'Rigours of Right and Wrong', Times Educational Supplement (UK) April 6th, 2001

'Reform The Private Schools', New Statesman (UK) January 8th 2001

'What should the Left Do?', ISIS magazine (UK) November 2000

'Looking for a President for Education', The Guardian (UK) (Web Edition), November 10th, 2000

'How Lotteries Could Make School Admissions a Whole Lot Fairer', The Independent (UK) June 8th 2000

'Levelling the Playing Field', The Independent (UK) February 10th 2000

‘Dole’s Views on Education May Sound Ok, But Think Again’, The Capital Times, (Madison WI), September 19th, 1996


Guest on Here on Earth (NPR) Feb 21st 2011 about The King's Speech (movie) (Listen)

Guest (with State Rep Cory Mason) on Education Matters (WPR) Oct 27th 2007

Guest (with State Rep Cory Mason) on The Joy Cardin Show (WPR) Oct 2nd 2007

Guest on Here on Earth (NPR), July 4th 2007 about the CIA family jewels and patriotism (Listen)

Main guest on Wisconsin Public Radio=s Tom Clarke Show, Jan 7th 2003

Main guest on Wisconsin Public Radio=s Tom Clarke Show, Sept 18th 2002

Interview on BBC Radio 4 The PM Programme, June 24th 2002.

Interview on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours, January 23rd, 2002.

Interview on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours, Sept 10th, 2001.

Interview on BBC 1 (TV) News at Ten, May 22nd, 2001.

Interview on BBC News 24 (TV), February 19th 2001.

Main guest on BBC Radio 4's The Learning Curve, November 24th 2000

Main guest on Wisconsin Public Radio's Tom Clarke Show, June 7th 2000

Frequently interviewed in period 2000-2003 by journalists on education issues in the UK, and widely quoted in national publications such as Times Education Supplement, Financial Times, The Independent, The Guardian, BBC News Online and Marketing Week (‘Misspent Youth’, May 31, 2001).