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I am Professor of Philosophy, the Carol Dickson-Bascom Professor of the Humanities, and Affiliate Professor of Educational Policy Studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Most of my teaching is either in political philosophy or applied ethics: I regularly teach an upper division course on political philosophy, and a   300 level course called Contemporary Moral Issues. I also occasionally teach a freshman seminar called Children, Marriage, and the Family which is part of our excellent First Year Interest Group Program

My research interests span political philosophy, philosophy of education, and educational policy. I've recently published two books: Family Values: the Ethics of Parent-Child Relationships (Princeton 2014), a book on the justification of the family with Adam Swift; and The Aims of Higher Education: Problems of Morality and Justice (Chicago, 2015), a collection of original essays by distinguished philosophers about issues in higher education, which I edited with Michael McPherson, and which won the 2017 Federic W Ness Award for the book contributing to our understanding of liberal education, from the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Another book, Educational Goods, written with Helen F Ladd, Susanna Loeb, and Adam Swift, will be published by University of Chicago Press in late 2017.

My previous books include Measuring Justice (ed, with Ingrid Robeyns, 2010), On Education (2006), The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism (ed, with Gillian Brock, 2005) and School Choice and Social Justice (2000). The publications page contains a list of things I've written, and has a few pdfs of papers and chapters.

I am director of the Center for Ethics and Education and I contribute to the group blogs Crooked Timber and In Socrates Wake. Some recent representative posts include:

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