Summer Training

Below is the suggested plan to follow for summer training. This is a training plan to build a base with miles over the summer months before we begin our official season on August 14th. This plan can be adapted to fit your schedule. Summer runs should be at a moderate pace, only including tempo and fartlek runs 3 weeks before the season starts. Always follow the 10% rule- do not increase weekly mileage by any more than 10 percent each week.

Captains will be posting about group runs during the summer at Haverford College and Wissahickon trail (Saturdays). Running with other teammates is recommended when possible.

The maps for both are listed below.

Here is a blurb from Runner's World that speaks to the importance of training over the summer and how it also impacts you as a year round athlete.

"Summer training is the foundation for a great cross country season, which is something that runners (and coaches) understand. What is sometimes lost is that a great summer is also important for your long-term development. The summer between your sophomore and junior year, for example, helps you run even more mileage and intensity when the cross country season ends and you begin your winter training for your junior year of outdoor track, a season that is crucial for athletes who want to be recruited to run in college. Do the things in the summer that will make you a better runner, not only in the upcoming cross country season, but in the seasons that follow."

Harriton XC Summer Training 2017