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Harrison Shull 1923-2003

A Man of Achievement.


National Academies Press biography of Harrison Shull authored by Donald McClure and Michael Kasha.

Memorial tribute to Harrison Shull in winter 2003-2004 issue of "IU Chemistry" (see page 28).

Indiana University bulletin historical overview of the university graduate school including an account of the outstanding increase in research and graduate activities as a result of Harrison Shull's appointment as Dean.

Archival biography of Harrison Shull on the RPI web site.

University of Colorado Boulder press release regarding the death of Harrison Shull.

Harrison Shull biography at IU Alliance of Distinguished and Titled Professors .

Article in Fall 2013 Issue of "IU Chemistry" by Donald Boyd about The Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange program founded by Harrison Shull (page 7).

Wikipedia page on the 1951 Shelter Island Conference on Quantum Mechanics attended by Harrison Shull.

Harrison Shull (3rd from right) in picture of attendees of Shelter Island Conference at which he presented On the Distribution of Charge in the CO Bond of CO2. and other topics.

Interview of Per Lowdin regarding early history of Quantum Chemistry crediting Harrison Shull with idea of the Quantum Chemistry Summer School in Uppsala Sweden.

Interview of Giuseppe Del Re that refers to the progress made when Harrison Shull came up with the idea for the Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange.

Stanley Hagstrom biography with description of collaboration with Harrison Shull.

Chemistry Tree depicting Harrison Shull's mentors and graduate students.

Gugenheim Fellow in Chemistry, 1954

Encyclopedia Britannica entry for Harrison Shull's father, George Harrison Shull.


"[Shull's] influence on the department [of Chemistry] and Indiana University was deep, widespread, and lasting."

-Stanley Hagstrom and Jack Shiner, IU Chemistry, Winter 2003-2004

"Harry showed me the way a responsible professional should act, and he recognized that my future was in computing."

-Franklin Prosser, March 2020

"The appointment of Harrison Shull [as Dean of the IU Graduate School], a chemist (1965-72), marked an outstanding increase in the research and graduate development activities of the Graduate School."

-IU Graduate School 2002-2004 Academic Bulletin

[Shull] " was the author of over 140 scientific papers and a college level chemistry textbook. He became an innovator in computer development and use."

-RPI Institute Archives and Space Collections

"Among his accomplishments at CU-Boulder, Shull played a leadership role in moving the university toward the computer age. He also was instrumental in forming the Colorado Alliance for Science, a consortium of educators, business leaders and government officials aimed at improving science teaching in public schools. "

-CU Boulder Today, August 11, 2003

"Throughout his career and retirement, Shull was active on a number of boards and commissions, including the Federal Manpower Commission, the Institute for Defense Analysis and the Naval Studies Board. He was an active member of the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Chemical Society and several other scientific associations. "

-CU Boulder Today, August 11, 2003

"[Shull] was a brilliant scientist and administrator who brought a keen analytical mind and a fresh, independent perspective to problems both scientific and administrative; consequently he was highly valued as a consultant and advisor."

-Stanley Hagstrom and Jack Shiner, IU Chemistry, Winter 2003-2004

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