About Hanjoo

Hanjoo Kim

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
378 Moore Building,
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802-3103
United States of America

Hanjoo Kim (/ha:ndƷu: ki:m/, 김한주, 漢柱) is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Penn State. His primary research interests lie in understanding the nature and treatment of anxiety and depression. His current research examines how emotion dysregulation processes and interpersonal risk factors contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety and depression. He is interested in utilizing methodologies from psychophysiology, network theories and ecological momentary assessment methods to better understand these processes. Before joining Dr. Newman's Anxiety and Emotion Research Laboratory, he worked under Dr. Hofmann, in his Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory and in the Martinos Imaging Center at MIT on research investigating neural mechanisms of social anxiety disorder. In South Korea, Hanjoo received his master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Korea University and bacholer's degree in philosophy and psychology from Yonsei University.

Hanjoo is currently serving as the co-leader of the ABCT Clinical Research Methods and Statistics Special Interest Group (SIG).

Master's Degree

Korea University


Master of Art in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
(Advisor: Eunjoo Yang, Ph.D.)

Research Assistantship in the Korea University Social Phobia Treatment Center
(Director: Junghye Kwon, Ph.D.)


Penn State University


PhD Student in the Anxiety and Emotion Research Laboratory
(Advisor: Michelle G. Newman, Ph.D.)


Southwest Consortium
New Mexico VAHCS


APA Accredited Psychology Internship
(Advisor: Diana Bennett, Ph.D. & Jennifer Rielage, Ph.D.)