Hi, I am Han Il Chang, associate professor at Dept. of Political Science and International Relations, Kookmin University, South Korea. I major in Comparative Political Economy, Political Behavior, Identity Politics, and Experimental Political Science. 

Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the political impacts of group identity and social norms, drawing on the literatures from both behavioral economics and social psychology.  Specifically, I have studied intra- and inter-group cooperation, natives' attitudes toward immigrants, and the role of reciprocity norms - returning kindness to kind persons but unkindness to unkind persons - in the operation of clientelism. In doing so, I have analyzed observational data and conducted lab experiments in the United States, Canada, and United Arab Emirates, lab-in-the-field experiments in Lebanon and South Korea, online survey experiments in South Korea, Mexico, and Indonesia, and a field experiment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Korea.  

Among articles published in peer-review journals, the one entitled "Building cooperation among groups in conflict: An experiment on intersectarian cooperation in Lebanon'' - coauthored with Leonid Peisakhin (New York University-Abu Dhabi) -  was published in American Journal of Political Science.

<New York, 2011>

<Bergen, 2016>