Hi, I am Han Il Chang, postdoctoral associate at New York University Abu Dhabi, specializing in Comparative Political Economy, Political Behavior, Identity Politics, and Experimental Political Science. My research focuses on the intersection of social norms, group identity, and political behavior and preferences, drawing on the literatures from both behavioral economics and social psychology. Specifically, I have conducted a series of studies on (1) the role of reciprocity norms - returning kindness to kind persons but unkindness to unkind persons - in the operation of clientelism, in which politicians offer voters private transfers to buy their votes; (2) the legitimacy effects of democracy in economically or socially divided contexts; and (3) determinants of intergoup cooperation, analyzing observational data and conducting lab experiments in the United States, Canada, and United Arab Emirates and lab-in-the-field experiments in Lebanon. In addition to these three research agendas, I have studied income redistribution, immigration, and public goods provision.

<New York, 2011>

<Bergen, 2016>